Sunday slipped past us, sort of….

Posted by Jim - March 23rd, 2009

Ottawa Citizen Feb 20 2009Sunday, March 22, 2009. Cuzzin Debi’s birthday. (but also) : Cathi’s and my Anniversary (Has it really been 7 years? Should I worry that I’m not itching???)

Um, I think it got above freezing….

got up and zoomed to the studio at 10 am to see what was going wrong with today’s playback. DVD player was frozen, I had to shut it off and restart it, then everything went fine. Cathi was pissed when I was making noise that early this morning… when she could sleep in.

Oh wait a minute. “Pissed” means drunk in Canadian and UK English. She was not drunk.

Pissed means upset, angry in USAtian English, she was grumbling.

Okay- today’s photo. the front page of the Ottawa Citizen on Friday, February 20, 2009. Barak Obama with the Governor General of Canada. The Governor General is actually the head of state here. The Prime Minister (In Harper’s case) is just the chief egotistical manipulator who believes he’s in charge.

Tonight’s news on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) was talking about a derisive newsclip from Fox News that is now making its rounds on YouTube, in which, among other things, some asshole is saying (about Canadians fighting in Afghanistan) “They’re in the war? I didn’t know they’re in the war, I thought Canada was where everybody goes when they’re too chicken to fight.” or something similar- that’s the intent we got.

But anyway, cheer up fans of truth in reporting. B.S. like that is becoming more and more transparent all the time. We ARE evolving faster than the fear mongers and war mongers can keep up with us. This is their last gasp, kiddies, we might as well laugh them off their high horses in the hopes they go home and drink themselves to death, or something along those lines.

No, I’m not mad. And I’m not sitting here smuggly looking forward to their demise. I am a bit frustrated thinking that these idiots think they can still maintain control over the hearts and minds that are slipping through their fingers a little more every¬† day.

Sigh, it will get uglier before it gets better.


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