Your Upcoming Elections

Posted by djotterson - April 22nd, 2011

Thanks for walking me through the sign in process here. (Good thing I’m visiting because I don’t think I could have figured this out long distance. (& Next time, let me use a computer with a keyboard that doesn’t stick, huh? This is painful.) )

So Your Elections are just as crazy as ours, hey? (Different flavored craziness but still nuts.) And you guys spell it “flavoured” I get it. Maybe.

& I can rag on your candidates without losing my job. Can’t I? That sounds tempting.

First impression? I don’t trust your polls. Something just doesn’t sound right (I listen to Canadian broadcasts over the internet.) I get the very strong impression that somebody is trying to control opinion poll results so tightly that he, she, or it probably controls the questions, who gets asked, and then maybe even changes the answers to get the result he, she, or it wanted in the first place.

Here, in the U.S., things are nuts. Are you guys really trying to catch up to us?

….. and another thing, gad, this really looks a hundred percent better on a Mac. Doesn’t it?


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