A Poem Entitled “Road Kill”

Posted by Jim - March 7th, 2016

Road Kill




(cows wag their tails

in time with Peter Gabriels’s

“Games Without Frontiers”

And I begin to wonder

if I’m feeling really good

or lost touch with something

like ‘consensus reality’

whatever that is…)


(I drive for a living

deliver newspapers

on a two hundred and fifty mile loop

through rural finger lakes new york

and the stereo keeps me grounded

reminds me I haven’t really

left the Earth of my childhood



There’s a woodchuck

he’s been sitting every day

for the past week

beside the body

of his friend

      (or lustling?)

‘Smack dab in the middle of the road’


‘Possums die so ugly

every one of them

looks like it’d been dragged for miles

then tortured hideously for hours

but woodchucks look so peaceful

<like they’re sure they’ll be


with their splattered friends

and lovers>’



I guess I’d rather

be a woodchuck

sitting in the road

hoping an eighteen-wheeler

does it right the first time

[ instantaneously ]


(I think there just might be a conspiracy

to cover all of new york state’s roads

in fur-

but, like most bureaucracies

‘they’ can’t agree on a time table

so by the time they add a third pelt

the first and second have blown away

                                   Jim Wellington

                                   June 21, 1989

Clever Rachel Otterson & Game Of Thrones Ascent

Posted by Jim - May 27th, 2013

Well (I found my password)

This is the first time I reviewed a “Social” Game. (Like the bunny rabbit needs help planting his carrot patch or something like that, games on facebook etc.)

Hey hey hey! Game Of Thrones Ascent is not a 3D world you can run around in, explore, go eyebulb to eyebulb with a fairly realistic cartoon character and try to slice his (or her) head off with a sword that looks way too big for any mortal to wield-

But it is engaging. The graphics are knock down gorgeous (You don’t see naked people running around stabbing each other with swords or ‘swords’. You solve puzzles and face battles through pop up/drop down windows, make choices, face consequences, worry about your wounded loyal knights and agents and watch a fascinating story unfold on your computer screen, right there in front of your burning bloodshot eyes.

I think the number of registered users just went above 1,000,000 last night.

You can play it on facebook or Kongregate or go right to the developers website. (http://www.disruptorbeam.com) .

I did have a problem getting the ‘Friends’ needed for many of the quests while playing on the Disruptor Beam site but ‘clever’ Rachel Otterson went in and read forums and found a User-submitted ‘tutorial’ and then figured out how to actually make friends while playing on the developers’ site.

(( I needed google chrome to find a user ID as part of this, I followed her instructions and my poor friendless Hedge Knight turned ‘Noble’ was no longer friendless.))  🙂

I should have her write a ‘how to’ article about this process and then figure out where to put it.

Maybe I should put a page up here or somewhere with clever solutions to all the confusion I felt while playing this beautiful game.

Let’s see if I have enough left over energy to do that in the next couple days.

& hey— It works on a Mac.

….”This is to inform you-“

Posted by Jim - September 9th, 2009

I got this from a credit card company:

“This e-mail is to inform you that you have not signed in to www.{***}cardsonline.com for 32 days. To ensure that you are able to access your CHOICE REWARDS MasterCard account information online, please visit us at www.{***}cardsonline.com. Signing in to the website ensures your online membership remains active.”



Dear credit card web site security ice holes:

This is to inform you that your self proclaimed cleverness made using your web site so confusing and difficult that I gave up. And I’m a computer geek. How the fupp you expect ‘normal people’ to be able to use your stupid asp web site is completely beyond me.

go away- and do not, under any circumstances, have a nice day.



Coast to Coast Ayem (A.M.)

Posted by Jim - July 25th, 2009

July 24, 2009.

Coast to Coast AM (for the un-initiated) is a nightly radio program that deals with a lot of ‘fringe’ subjects and is just a likely to air interviews with someone claiming to be a witch as a hard core scientist sharing his or her fascination with quantum physics and string theory.

One of their ‘neatest’ programmes last week featured a linguist who wrote a heavy duty computer programme to monitor key words and detect subtle changes in language used on several (quite a few, quite a ‘large’ few) sites he has his ‘web bots’ monitor.

His findings have been uncanny. His premis is that we’re all ‘physic’ and many of us have no idea that we are. But anyway, he and his partner (His partner is more interested in financial forecasts and stuff like that) were on and talking aobut what they expect will happen in the near future (and it isn’t pretty) But anyway- one of their more humourous (at least I thought it was darkly funny) included quite a few people who consider themselves the “Illuminati”, believe they have a perfect right to run this world as if it was their private little fantasy kingdom, will begin to disappear; like, one second they’re here, the next they’re gone, gone completely, footprints in the sand or snow just stop. This will happen even when the disappearing ones are surrounded by their ‘peers’. This is supposed to scare the livin cement out of the rest of them. (about time, hey?)

I don’t know where to keep my pile of grains of sand, but I’ll be passing them out- and hey, is anybody taking odds?

And what do we do if we find out that this is really happening?



Hello world!

Posted by admin - November 26th, 2008

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