Posted by Jim - April 30th, 2009

In the director's chairThursday, April 30th, 2009.

I can’t think of anybody with a birthday today, second day in a row. (woa….)?

The photo here is a volunteer sitting in the director’s chair, during the telethon. Another Volunteer was complaining that she couldn’t get a photo of one of the guys who’d come down from Pembroke with the guy smiling. I got a smile from the wrong guy here, I think… Anyway, this is the control room inside the Mobile Unit (which looks like a rather large moving van, with a photographic mural all over it.

Anyway, the control room is a pretty cool play, huh? people put way too much pressure on themselves and each other from this place. But it’s still pretty cool.



Posted by Jim - April 29th, 2009

Stage before the festivitiesWednesday, April 29th, 2009. (Can’t think of anybody with a birthday today.)

I drove to Chelsea, Quebec, up near Wakefield, where Peter Jennings came from, to pick up an older Mac computer I bought through Kijiji dot com / Ottawa…. something I need to run software I’ve got that won’t run on newer computers., but is valuable enough so I’d rather spend a hundred & something bucks for an older computer than a couple thousand that I’d need to get the latest version that would need a whole lot of schnarr new hardware to go with it… grumble grumble grumble.

We have no idea what the high chair is doing here on the stage while we were setting up equipment (this is still the day before the telethon. (yawn… I’m still exhausted just thinkin about it.)


Tuesday – Cody’s Birthday

Posted by Jim - April 28th, 2009

Lighting stuff before being set upTuesday, April 28, 2009. Cody’s (Ance’s Son) Birthday.

Again, I’m burned out, forget what the weather was like. (I’m writing these on May 3rd)

In the photo here, that’s the wife and son of the guy who owns the lighting business. All the boxes (on wheels, maybe I should call them trunks?) and all the metal scaffolding behind the people there are part of the lighting set up. This year they included a projection teevee that showed the audience what we were shooting.

The lighting crew are a separate entity. We volunteered our skills and gave the charity free air time. I’m not sure about anybody else. Things I wouldn’t think twice about asking somebody in the states are just not asked up here. (or at least I get that impression- it doesn’t feel oppressive, it’s kind of like, “Okay- they value many things more than US people do, or just show it differently…..” kinda goes along with the theme of ‘two peoples divided by a common language’ / what ya take for granted can get you in big trouble with yourself or people you care about…)



Posted by Jim - April 27th, 2009

Cameras being set upMonday, April 27, 2009. ((Uncle Tom’s Birthday))

I forgot what the weather was.

It’s almost a week later.

I could probably use the excuse that I have been worn out since the telethon on Sunday the 26th.

This photo is the Knights of Columbus Hall at Saint John Chrystostom (could be spelled wrong) here in Arnprior. We were just beginning to set up the cameras

I’m thinkin the tallest tripod on the left is the Jib- the camera that can get shots from ‘way up high’ near the ceiling. I don’t think I got any really good photos of anybody using he jib in action. We were too busy during the telethon.


Sunday, Telethon Day

Posted by Jim - April 26th, 2009

I have photos, they might get up one of these days.

First I gotta clean ‘the ark’ then I gotta sleep for a month or two.



Posted by Jim - April 25th, 2009

A ‘techie’ came to the studio to try to trouble shoot a problem on either Wednesday or Thursday (the days are running together here…. eep)

Tonight, when the weekend stuff was trying to air itself, the changes the techie made messed up the transmission. It’s the equipment, not the techie. it isn’t calibrated right, or it’s just plain wonky.

My supervisor told me to shut it down and forget about playing anything this weekend, just get the Telethon out tomorrow.

Another employee (a producer) asked me why I didn’t just adjust it with a screwdriver.

After I fixed it (gingerly) my supervisor said I shouldn’t attempt to fix it if I don’t know what I’m doing. It was already fixed. And it looked better (after I got home and checked it out on our teevee) than it has in a long time.



Posted by Jim - April 24th, 2009

Friday the 24th.

Day before the marathon (actually, telethon. gotta set up on Saturday and broadcast it Sunday)

Can I scream now? or should I wait?


Thursday, April 23, more birthdays….

Posted by Jim - April 23rd, 2009

Cousin Debra (née Austin) and Cousin Eliza’s birthday.  (& Annette Sz….’s and Karen A’s birthday too)

Another slew of 23rd-ies include Eliza’s brother And Gramma W’s Cousin Eula (May 23)

And a whole bunch of people born on July 23rd. (Greg Morse… Don Imus, Don Imus’ early producer, Jean C’s daughter….)

August 23rd = Greg’s daughter Nyssa’s birthday…

My eyes are burning.


Wednesday, the 22nd.

Posted by Jim - April 22nd, 2009

Funny thing:

January 22nd: Cousin Kathy (& a waitress in dunkin donuts in connecticut)

February 22: Cousin Lori (and, I think, Drew Barrymore?)

March 22nd: Cousin Debi (née Borden) in Colorado (and Cathi’s and my anniversary)

April 22nd: Ron the night baker at Tim Hortons on Madawaska Boulevard (say that 3 times fast 😉 )

May 22nd: Alex next door.

June 22nd: Janet (née Peebles, friend of the family)

Ron the baker thinks I should play the number?

-coming up, a run of people born on the 23rd?

—–Jim (there are five dashes before my name, whether that’s obvious or not.)

Tuesday, There just might be a spring time ahead.

Posted by Jim - April 21st, 2009

My supervisor told me I’d be working an extra 15 hours this weekend.

I’m exhausted just thinking about it.



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