-The kids’ dog died.

Posted by Jim - March 5th, 2009


Thursday, March 5, 2009. (Lyn’s birthday) (& Chelsea R’s birthday, too.)

-10˚C/+14˚F @ 4:59 am ((the weather network thinks it’s -18˚C/0˚F, that’s probably up at the Army base in Petawawa.))

Sigh, Wizard- the Keeshund (sp?) in the photo
to the right, died yesterday (March/4/2009) of an apparent stroke.

Pets should never die.

Cathi’s worried about how the boy will be today, she said he didn’t take it very well last night when his Dad called and told him.

I’m praying / sending out the intention to the universe… that they get an affectionate, low maintenance, not very high energy (definitely not a puppy horse) replacement, real soon.

Gack. Things like this take the wind right out of your sails. I mean how can I write a story about mean people doing evil things to each other when kids are hurting because their dog died?

Quick- think up an alternative world where pets don’t die, they regenerate or something, and retain all the memories from their previous existance. There needs to be an escape clause, I mean if a kid beats his dog, the dog can regenerate, look the kid in the eye and say, “You were mean to me, I’ll go give my unconditional love to somebody else- loser-” or something like that.