Monday March 9, little bit of snow falling

Posted by Jim - March 9th, 2009

Driveway in early morning snow-Monday, March 9th, 2009.

-6˚C/+22˚F & snowing lightly @ 8:30 am.

(Time to get the 12 year old to school, be right back.)

….I’m back. They had forecast 2-3 cm (centimeters) of snow (that’s like an inch or so) earlier and then revised it to closer to 5 centimeters. (2 inches?) And we’re just over the line into the weather map area that could possibly get 5-15 centimeters (15 cm would be almost 6 inches) The whole world is a nice clean white right now where it was a dirty grey-brown a while ago.

And I’ve been revising an old story in my head since I dropped the boy off at school.

He’s a tough kid to read, and he finds other humans just as tough to read. He’s like facial- clues- challenged, can’t tell by looking at anybody what they’re feeling, what kind of messages they’re trying to convey with body language, or any of that.

So he was staring straight ahead as we drove toward the school. I asked him if he was psyching himself for a day at school or just zoning out.

I had to re-phrase that two or three times until he understood what I meant, the final question from me was something like ‘are you making yourself ready for a day in hell, I mean school? Or are you kind of like falling asleep as you stare straight ahead there?’ He said he was sort of falling asleep with his eyes open.

While he was getting out of the van, ready to look sad and schlog his way to his in door (which is around on the other side of the school from where I can leave him off) I said, “Okay- give them hell-“

And he looked at me and said, “Can I give them heaven? I don’t have much hell left-” and I was stunned.

-“Wow, that’s even better-” And I had to call Cathi at work and tell her about that as soon as I got home.

I’m still writing that story in my head-

And last night I conked out before I got to the phone to wish my friend a happy belated birthday. (how about a philosophical smiley face here?)