Thursday – Cold cold Wind blew in.

Posted by Jim - March 12th, 2009

Parking Lot Next Door-Thursday, March 12, 2009 (Larry’s Birthday)

-10˚C/+14˚F @ 5:49 am. windy (cold) (( television says the wind chill is -21˚C))

There’s a priest on the radio talking about the Anti-Christ. He says there will be a lot of miracles, then the Anti Christ takes credit for those miracles and calls all the world’s leaders together and has them all assassinated at once. Then the Masons try to take over the world. (Sorry- that’s where he lost me. It feels like somebody from the dark side is pretending to be an angel or archangel, feeding him a lot of visions that are plausible, maybe even True. but then the whole big picture has been saturated with b.s. and it shows in some of the wackier things the man is saying.)