If I was a writer for the TeeVee programme “Heroes”

It’s tough being a writer. (of course it has its rewards, but-) I often feel let down, or think, “Hey- they missed something here-” and with a show like “Heroes” that has had way too much ‘down-time’ for my tastes, I often find myself dreaming up plot lines and twists, adding new characters with new ‘powers’, and so on.

One plot thread that kept hopping into my head at odd moments involved Hiro from another dimension, coming to this dimension, trying to disguise himself while he checked up on things and, when he knew he could trust the people he hoped he could trust, he reveals himself and tells them what’s going on in other dimensions. “Sylar is a good guy in 7 out of 12 worlds where he’s still alive. In two worlds, he’s trying to live a normal life, avoiding anybody with powers at all. It all depends on how he discovered his first power- And what personality traits he absorbed from the first person whose power he either absorbed or took-”

In one world Nikki/Jessica discovered herself dying from some disease and went and let Sylar find and kill her, then her twin personalities started a war inside Sylar’s mind, strengthened all the bits and pieces of all the people Sylar killed, and basically incapacitated him as they took over and fought him for control in a landscape that was so surreal many of them never knew whether it was the ‘real world’ or some interior imaginary landscape. Isaac tried to get Sylar hooked on drugs. A bunch of them managed to hand him over to Noah Bennett and Noah found a place to lock him up in a cell with padded walls and special glass and a force field that nobody’s been able to penetrate, yet-

Um, there’s more, but that’s another time.

–Thursday, March 12, 2009.

– I’ve been thinking that Peter, (who is now ‘taking’ one power at a time from another Hero) will be told by somebody, “Your DNA remembers everything. When your father ‘took your powers’ he damaged your nerve connections. As you heal, you will regain all of your abilities.”

-Somebody has to go back to when the senior Petrelli was killed and catch the light as it leaves him (the ‘light’ he stole from Hiro). I’m thinking somebody should take Hiro back to that moment and have the light re-enter Hiro- unless somebody else should get it.

-(( I keep thinking of these things… ))

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