I hear a cat meowing at my side, but there’s no cat there.

Posted by Jim - September 21st, 2009

So either Domino is that quick and got away or has learned to throw his voice?

Schnarr, the new software requires that you restart your computer now.

Call it a security update, nobody will question it. hell, you don’t want those evil hackers to take over your computer, so let us do it. (we’re your firends in the secret government, we’ve taken over your life and you answer to us. and we answer to no one. bwa hahahahahahhahhahahahaha-)

—–Not Jim (grin)

((And then Safari aborted the restart, because it absolutely had to remind me that I had more than one page open in safari and how could I possibly think I should let those close?))

Civilization, the game

Posted by Jim - September 15th, 2009

Rampaging Barbarians-Rampaging barbarians inside cultural boundaries…

“Civilization” by Sid Meier, (I’m most familiar with II and IV) is a game that fascinates and really bugs me.

The basic premis of the game is that all civilizations, all national leaders, are psychotic. It’s an eye-opener to have Mahatma Gandhi decide that he should hurl a ‘sneak attack’ of Nuclear missiles at several of your cities because you won’t convert to Christianity.

I’ve gasped at messages that “Lincoln adopts Slavery”.

Having a “Great Spy” born in one of your city who turns out to be Ethyl Rosenberg is a heart breaker. I mean we have learned lately that (1) the trial was a sham; and (2) the US had already sold nuclear secrets to the soviets. So the Rosenbergs were scape goats and martyrs who were brutally butchered so ice holes could gain and maintain political power and continue lying to us.

Grumble grumble.

But anyway. the game has such beautiful potential, but there are times when I want to grab everyone on the development team (one at a time, in a very dark alley) and growl, “You think you’re bloody clever, don’t you-” and shred their minds with visions of anything they’d spent time and emotion developing being torn apart and ravaged in front of them…. jerks.)

So why do I play it? Why do people who have been murdered, and worse- reincarnate on earth to try again? Because we have a truly indomitable spirit? because we can’t believe that a just and loving God could let us suffer intense injustice at the hands of others? Are we infernally optimistic or stupidly gullible?

Or maybe because I still harbour dreams of creating my own game, and want to see where they went wrong, and what they got right?

—–I don’t know.


Monday- September 14th-

Posted by Jim - September 14th, 2009

Morning Glories Climbing the porch-Monday, September 14th, 2009.

I think it got up around 24˚C, (78˚F?) and then it cooled when some intense rain came ripping through during the evening.

We had our electricity cut off from something like 9 am to 1 pm (I think it was more like 1:30 PM, when the electricity came back, but the clock had a 9 volt battery, back up- and it gained at least fifteen minutes while the lights were out.

But anyway, I tried to get the Morning Glories that Cathi planted beside the front porch, and I thought it came out fairly close to what I think it actually looks like.

-Um, yeah, well- It was a nice enough day.


Interesting stuff-

Posted by Jim - September 14th, 2009

Last Thursday’s Guest on Coast to Coast A.M. was a guy named Drunvalo Melchizedek. He’s connected with Hopi Elders who told him the Hopi People are a tribe of Mayans who moved to their current area because they were spiritually directed to. He says that the earth might actually slip on its axis when its magnet fields go wonky long enough for the stuff that holds the crust in place to go liquid. And when the magnetic fields get this wonky long enough, the vast majority of people on the planet may go absolutely crazy and have their memories completely wiped out. Those who survive with their sanity and memories intact will be those who have established a heart to heart loving connection with the planet. The planet is aware of each of us and can do that.


So anyway, the other night, I was at work and started chanting to myself. I started feeling really good, and felt an overwhelming love for all of creation, that was surprising…

And then today I still feel pretty darned good.


Another day older and deeper in- LIFE!

Posted by Jim - September 9th, 2009

I just figured out that I’m 21,914 days old today. (figuring in leap days, and believing that there was not a leap day in the year 2000, trying real hard to remember for sure.)

(but Yogis told me never to tell anybody how old you are, because their minds will subconsciously begin to effect the way you feel, they’ll think you right into the aches and pains and limitations of aging)

so I just pushed the reset button.

The guy on the radio just told us that the first televised star trek episode aired on September 9th, 1966.


I used to think-

Posted by Jim - September 9th, 2009

I used to think that women were nicer than men.

I used to believe that women were nurturing and caring

and men were bullying and controlling.

Lately two of the nastiest, most controlling, manipulative people trying to push others around were women who were trying to climb the corporate ladder (In pitifully small companies.)

schnarr- maybe I done got all the schnarr out of me and I’ll be able to rest and mend…

Summer’s over?

Posted by Jim - September 9th, 2009

I can’t believe another summer’s gone by without me being able to go down to Vermont, New Hampshire, and Connecticut to at least attempt to catch up with people I care about.

I can’t believe how “Boxed In” I’m beginning to feel- like a conspiracy of would-be petty demagogues… who want to control every little aspect of everybody’s lives (everybody’s lives but their own) ((every thought, every feeling… every aspect of the lives of others???)) so anyway, I’ve been hearing that there actually is a group like this, (videocrats?) who are trying to manipulate public opinion, trying to convince us that their make-believe economy is falling apart, threatening the security and well being of all of us.

I don’t believe there is a real Economic crisis, unless a critical mass of people buy into their bullship.

The real crisis is the fact that somebody is trying to control our perception of reality.


….”This is to inform you-“

Posted by Jim - September 9th, 2009

I got this from a credit card company:

“This e-mail is to inform you that you have not signed in to www.{***}cardsonline.com for 32 days. To ensure that you are able to access your CHOICE REWARDS MasterCard account information online, please visit us at www.{***}cardsonline.com. Signing in to the website ensures your online membership remains active.”



Dear credit card web site security ice holes:

This is to inform you that your self proclaimed cleverness made using your web site so confusing and difficult that I gave up. And I’m a computer geek. How the fupp you expect ‘normal people’ to be able to use your stupid asp web site is completely beyond me.

go away- and do not, under any circumstances, have a nice day.



Just when I thought-

Posted by Jim - September 3rd, 2009

-I thought I couldn’t get any more disillusioned…

Last night on a programme from Australia, rebroadcast on CBC channel 1 out of Ottawa, “Re-Vision” or “Rear Vision”?

They replayed a programme from, I think two years ago…

-This programme had pretty well researched evidence that the guy who had been convicted of the bombing of flight 103 over Lockerby, Scotland, probably had nothing to do with the plot. An eye witness had described someone as being over 6 feet tall and at least fifty years old. They convicted somebody who was neither.

-The reporter said there were ‘heavy hitters’ from three governments’ “intelligence” services sitting in the courtroom, and these people seemed to be making eye-contact with witnesses and nodding or shaking their heads slightly, but enough to make their intent clear to those witnesses, coaching them on how to answer each question put to them during the trial.

-A parent of one of the Syracuse University students who’d been killed in this bombing said he now believes the conviction was part of a government conspiracy to kill any further investigations into what actually happened, because anyone who asked for deeper investigation would be told, “We know who did it, we have a conviction, the guilty party is in prison, case closed!”

-So Now I’m believing that any visible “Justice” system has nothing to do with Truth, Justice, Morality or Legal process that could be called “honest” or “Just”.

-I’m thinking that I believe that people are innocent until proven guilty, not in a court of law, but to me, personally, beyond any doubt. ANY doubt.

-I don’t know.

-But I do believe I no longer have any trust at all invested in any legal system.

In God I Trust.

Humans just don’t measure up.