Saturday, Weird dreams (volleyball with half translucent kids?)

Posted by Jim - March 21st, 2009

Cathi Couch Dog OrbSaturday, March 21, 2009.

+3˚C/+37˚F @ 12:42 pm.

Cathi on the couch with dog who is all teeth and an orb. Weird green glowing dog eyes may even be focused on the orb.

Weird dreams: moving around at work, we were given long curved things that looked like plastic fingernails, probably about 4 inches long, and when we reached our new duty station someone, usually a woman, would take the fingernail kind of thing and insert it into a time clock, then hand us a bunch of change and throw the finger nail type thing away. Upon close inspection the change we’d been handed was all sorts of odd sized stuff, very tiny dimes, and a lot of square coins that had reproductions of Canadian and US designs and all had Disney’s logo on them. Then we were playing volleyball with rolled up towels instead of balls. The championship team was bored with the game and they were just bouncing the towels to each other with their heads. When their game was over somebody hit one of those towels to me and when I was able to bop it with my closed fist a couple of the guys on the championship team were impressed. And it looked like we were going to have a game right then and there, and that’s when I noticed the child who was half see-through translucent (the lower half?) and  I told him that, “Hey- you’re partly invisible…” Then I followed the progress of a young woman (a thin blond in a tennis dress) who went outside, walking along a sidewalk in what looked like a suburban setting. She walked up to a parking meter and chose a set of headphones, put them on her head and lay down in the grass. As she listened to music a nurse came along and gave her a shot of some kind of drug to make her sleep. I was appalled….