Zee Next Big Move Is On


Monday, June 3rd, 2013. Cousin Danny’s Birthday. 18˚C (68˚F?) for the high temperature. 10˚C /50˚F @ about 9:30 am.

—Cashed cleaning pay. Donny called & will call again tomorrow, re: finding replacements for Cathi and me. 🙁 ?

—Letter from Umberto. He’s not interested in taking a damaged trailer in exchange for the last couple land payments 🙁

—Slept fitfully. Got up in time to clear a path in the garage so we could carry the pool out for the guy who came with his girlfriend and a kid to pick it up. He was happy and was of Greek descent 🙂 We told them about Erin and Alex (without details). Cathi told me she’d remote viewed seeing me with junk dealer at the trailer near Bouchette.

—Slept fitfully again. Cathi woke me up after midnight. Got up and off. UI ctr has a big executive desk in the hidden office with the door? Snarr.

—Accomplishments? Small ones. Cleared that path through the garage. Found blue paint can for Cathi. got a couple more cd’s/dvd’s into boxes.

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