If it’s Tuesday this must be….. uhhhh…

Posted by Jim - June 18th, 2013

Good Morning. It’s like 5:50 am here in the great green north. 8˚C / 46˚F slightly west of Ottawa.

I have a splitting headache and at least one of my computers is going nuts.

((( I have several computers. The justification is that I’m working on building an interactive ‘game’ world. I wanted to be sure people who were not gazillionheirs could connect and have fun. Well, they probably can’t, as the company who owns the ‘cloud’ keeps ‘upgrading’ ‘to make your gaming experience more enjoyable’ (but if truth in advertizing really surfaced they’d be saying, “We keep moving the entry level bar up two notches higher than you can reach so we can laugh at you when you fall and keep you scrambling as a slave to make more money so your government can take more of it away from you so you can experience more and more frustration and never get what we promised you, nyaaaaaa-“) )))

The 32 bit windows machine, running XP Professional, has been acting weirdly lately. The firefox browser just closed, pfffft, disappeared- and when I clicked on the icon to reopen it I was informed that windows could not confirm the author of that program so I should click here to let their spying applications search through everything on my computer and throughout all my links to the internet so they could trace all possible threats to their power. (( No, that’s not exactly what they said, but I had a gut suspicion that that’s what they meant. <<< & the spell checker likes ‘suspicion’ but it doesn’t like “Nyaaaaaaa” ??? >>> ))


So while I have a splitting headache, the pain in my neck and shoulder seem to be absent at the moment.

Cheer up, life does get interesting.

And my angels have promised me that it’s getting better for me and Cathi. This is the first day of the rest of your life and all that…”



Interesting stuff-

Posted by Jim - September 14th, 2009

Last Thursday’s Guest on Coast to Coast A.M. was a guy named Drunvalo Melchizedek. He’s connected with Hopi Elders who told him the Hopi People are a tribe of Mayans who moved to their current area because they were spiritually directed to. He says that the earth might actually slip on its axis when its magnet fields go wonky long enough for the stuff that holds the crust in place to go liquid. And when the magnetic fields get this wonky long enough, the vast majority of people on the planet may go absolutely crazy and have their memories completely wiped out. Those who survive with their sanity and memories intact will be those who have established a heart to heart loving connection with the planet. The planet is aware of each of us and can do that.


So anyway, the other night, I was at work and started chanting to myself. I started feeling really good, and felt an overwhelming love for all of creation, that was surprising…

And then today I still feel pretty darned good.


Just when I thought-

Posted by Jim - September 3rd, 2009

-I thought I couldn’t get any more disillusioned…

Last night on a programme from Australia, rebroadcast on CBC channel 1 out of Ottawa, “Re-Vision” or “Rear Vision”?

They replayed a programme from, I think two years ago…

-This programme had pretty well researched evidence that the guy who had been convicted of the bombing of flight 103 over Lockerby, Scotland, probably had nothing to do with the plot. An eye witness had described someone as being over 6 feet tall and at least fifty years old. They convicted somebody who was neither.

-The reporter said there were ‘heavy hitters’ from three governments’ “intelligence” services sitting in the courtroom, and these people seemed to be making eye-contact with witnesses and nodding or shaking their heads slightly, but enough to make their intent clear to those witnesses, coaching them on how to answer each question put to them during the trial.

-A parent of one of the Syracuse University students who’d been killed in this bombing said he now believes the conviction was part of a government conspiracy to kill any further investigations into what actually happened, because anyone who asked for deeper investigation would be told, “We know who did it, we have a conviction, the guilty party is in prison, case closed!”

-So Now I’m believing that any visible “Justice” system has nothing to do with Truth, Justice, Morality or Legal process that could be called “honest” or “Just”.

-I’m thinking that I believe that people are innocent until proven guilty, not in a court of law, but to me, personally, beyond any doubt. ANY doubt.

-I don’t know.

-But I do believe I no longer have any trust at all invested in any legal system.

In God I Trust.

Humans just don’t measure up.


Coast to Coast Ayem (A.M.)

Posted by Jim - July 25th, 2009

July 24, 2009.

Coast to Coast AM (for the un-initiated) is a nightly radio program that deals with a lot of ‘fringe’ subjects and is just a likely to air interviews with someone claiming to be a witch as a hard core scientist sharing his or her fascination with quantum physics and string theory.

One of their ‘neatest’ programmes last week featured a linguist who wrote a heavy duty computer programme to monitor key words and detect subtle changes in language used on several (quite a few, quite a ‘large’ few) sites he has his ‘web bots’ monitor.

His findings have been uncanny. His premis is that we’re all ‘physic’ and many of us have no idea that we are. But anyway, he and his partner (His partner is more interested in financial forecasts and stuff like that) were on and talking aobut what they expect will happen in the near future (and it isn’t pretty) But anyway- one of their more humourous (at least I thought it was darkly funny) included quite a few people who consider themselves the “Illuminati”, believe they have a perfect right to run this world as if it was their private little fantasy kingdom, will begin to disappear; like, one second they’re here, the next they’re gone, gone completely, footprints in the sand or snow just stop. This will happen even when the disappearing ones are surrounded by their ‘peers’. This is supposed to scare the livin cement out of the rest of them. (about time, hey?)

I don’t know where to keep my pile of grains of sand, but I’ll be passing them out- and hey, is anybody taking odds?

And what do we do if we find out that this is really happening?



June 7, 2009 (((Sunday)))

Posted by Jim - June 7th, 2009

“All politicians know that the way they get themselves elected by taking money from minorities and giving it to [voting] majorities.” (That was a guest on Coast to Coast AM last week, wish I remember who it was….)


Posted by Jim - April 30th, 2009

In the director's chairThursday, April 30th, 2009.

I can’t think of anybody with a birthday today, second day in a row. (woa….)?

The photo here is a volunteer sitting in the director’s chair, during the telethon. Another Volunteer was complaining that she couldn’t get a photo of one of the guys who’d come down from Pembroke with the guy smiling. I got a smile from the wrong guy here, I think… Anyway, this is the control room inside the Mobile Unit (which looks like a rather large moving van, with a photographic mural all over it.

Anyway, the control room is a pretty cool play, huh? people put way too much pressure on themselves and each other from this place. But it’s still pretty cool.



Posted by Jim - April 27th, 2009

Cameras being set upMonday, April 27, 2009. ((Uncle Tom’s Birthday))

I forgot what the weather was.

It’s almost a week later.

I could probably use the excuse that I have been worn out since the telethon on Sunday the 26th.

This photo is the Knights of Columbus Hall at Saint John Chrystostom (could be spelled wrong) here in Arnprior. We were just beginning to set up the cameras

I’m thinkin the tallest tripod on the left is the Jib- the camera that can get shots from ‘way up high’ near the ceiling. I don’t think I got any really good photos of anybody using he jib in action. We were too busy during the telethon.


Friday- A nice Warm Spring day in Arnprior

Posted by Jim - April 17th, 2009

Weir River Path...Friday, April 17, 2009

+17˚C/+63˚F in the afternoon.

Let me think- We had an unusual day.

The boy had a doctor’s appointment early and then went to school.

I got paid by my second (in fact of time, first) job and had to cash cheque (in Canada we have cheques, in the U.S. they’re checks) in order to get boy and Mom out of drug store with prescription.

Cathi and I had brunch in an unusual (for us) spot after she got the boy to the school.

When we got home we found two notices that ups had tried to deliver something we’ve been looking for. the first notice said they might try today between 10 and 2 andbetween 2 and 5 pm.

So Cathi got the boy from School. Then took boy to Dad’s and traded him for young woman while I sat here and vegged out in the hopes that UPS might actually make another attempt to deliver. Nope.

But when Cathi and young woman got here we needed a Dairy Queen run and sat almost where the above photo was shot from and watched the river and the weir and the world do their magic while we chomped on ice cream and stuff like that there.


I still think the ‘financial crisis’ is a propaganda campaign, and I still believe the (conservative) Canadian *Government is trying to take advantage of public confusion to try to push through some very schnarr reforms that are on their very schnarr agendae and are not at all in the public interest. {{ (In Canada, “*Government” often refers to the current batch of (fairly recently elected) Members of Parliament, the Prime Minister and the appointed ‘Ministers’ (Senators are still ((as far as we know)) appointed for life up here.) as opposed to the form of government (fer example ‘representative democracy’/’republic’/whathaveyou-) ) }} But then again-

-grumble grumble grumble,


Friday (Good Friday)

Posted by Jim - April 10th, 2009

Arnprior Springtime 2009Friday, Good Friday, April 10, 2009. Charles (Neé ‘Harley’)’s birfday, also “Squirt” ((Porky’s sister) near Ithaca)’s birfday.

+2˚C/+36˚F @ 12:27 pm in Arnprior.

Rob and Vicki were here, we talked about interviews and web sites and stuff, thought we missed a lot of golden opportunities for recording good stuff for the web site, but I thought, hey, call this rehearsal time, not missed opportunities.

We did get our ventures a new web site, www.indigostarcrystalradio.info – yum! it’s supposed to have unlimited data transfer which I think means unlimited bandwidth, I guess we’ll find out.


Thursday, Long weekend coming-

Posted by Jim - April 9th, 2009

Early Spring In Arnprior....b?Thursday, April 9, 2009. Irene Adzima’s Birthday.

0˚C/32˚F @ 8 am in Arnprior.

Exhausted- I’m stumbling around in a daze.

What I’m dealing with is- What Should I concentrate on right now? Should I go with setting up an internet radio station first or try to work on developing a role playing game that may or may not bring in an income that may start out as a trickle and gain momentum? Both tracks are aimed at aiding the Spiritual Evolution of the Human Race.

We took the boy to his father’s for the Holiday Weekend, got stuck in traffic and went to Rob’s surprise birthday party on the way home.

-RE: Plans for the future- Rob’s daughter in England and a Movie producer in Lost Angeles have both commented on the interview Rob and I recorded and which is available at : http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread450624/pg1# (and both comments were positive).

-RE: Canadian Politics. I’m hearing loads of people exclaiming, “What a [fupping] idiot-!” when the latest news about the prime minister’s comments on just about anything airs on the radio.

-RE: Communicating with friends… I sent a dvd and short letter to my friends in Vermont (finally). Now I only have a couple dozen more to catch up with…

I should probably quit while I’m ahead, or at least: while I’m still suffering with the delusion that I’m ahead.

Photo: There are a lot of black squirrels up here. This one is pretty near the beach that is part of Robert Simpson Park. (I do not believe that Robert is related to Bart…) 😉


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