It’s been a busy couple days.

Posted by Jim - March 26th, 2009

Thursday Monrning, March 26th, 2009.

+2˚C/+36˚F @ 5:30 am. We’ve had a little bit of rain over night.

Tuesday I spent 11 hours at one job and 3 at another. Wednesday I had some loose ends from Tuesday and I zonked out in the middle, also went to Kanata and got my new eyeglasses.

And we talked to a friend who is having a relationship crisis and told us just how bad it got a couple weeks ago. We almost lost her. yikes.

I have an old photo I’d like to upload, a volunteer at work doing what I do, but I can’t get there from here yet.

So- I’ll have to do more later, but right now I need to make sure Cathi gets out of here in time and I’m like at the edge of passing out from fatigue…

Hang in there-