Oops, there went Monday-

Posted by Jim - March 31st, 2009

Rain on the Weir, SundayMonday… ooops. Tuesday, March 31, 2009

+1˚C/+34˚F @ 4:07 am

Yup, monday got by us. As far as blogging goes.

I did a bunch of running around Arnprior, Checking for things I could use to try to organize the gunk I need into bookcases or something like that. I scored a couple pieces of cheap furniture that might be useful in the garage when we do something there.

Also- talked to a couple people about the showing of the movie about Walmart’s attitudes and casualties of those attitudes. I felt drained and collapsed, then did have enough energy to go to the showing, with the camera and helped get B roll for Jeremy’s news story. Also, Jeremy wants me to send him heads ups as soon as I know about anything newsworthy in Arnprior.


I’m exhausted.