The Weather network thinks it’s -22˚C

Posted by Jim - March 4th, 2009

House GifWednesday, March 4, 2009 ((Marcia Logan’s Birthday)) -13˚C/+9˚F @ 5:38 am.

(((Temperatures in the warmer range are from the same Weather Network”s applet, I think at the Ottawa Airport)))

That’s still cold.

The elf house here is something that I picked up on the internet way way back when I attempted my first web site. Angelfire had pages of free images and told you how to use them. This house was on a ‘Fairies’ site maintained by a woman in California who frequented Renaissance Faires and kept Fairies etc on her site to support kids who needed emotional support. I asked her about the house gif and she said she’d forgotten where she got it from, but nobody’s come after me with a chainsaw or a lawyer screaming anything like copyright infringement, so I guess it’s safe to use it.

Which brings me to the buried issue of the day.

The CRTC has been holding hearings about taxing the internet. (The CRTC is the Canadian version of the FCC) In the U.S., I’ve heard what sounds like serious rumours that the government wants to tax downloads.

I remember tons of rumours flying around before the turn of the millenium that governments were going to try to tax email, like charge something as if it was regular mail. I remember armies of little old ladies rattling their canes and shooting worried messages to all their friends and stuff.

Now this rumour showed up in a legitimate newspaper. The CRTC has been looking into taxing the internet. They want to charge the ISPs (internet service providers). They’ve become so bogged down in confusion that they decided to hang up their gavels and take some time off for a while.

Should we be worried?

Who actually is trying to tax the internet? Are all the governments in the world trying to quietly sneak up on us while we surf, getting ready to throw a net over our heads (and all the other parts of our bodies in the process?)? Are the wild wild west days of the internet numbered?

Where are the internet freedom fighters (aka the ‘hackers’) and what kind of guerilla operations are they planning to discourage anybody foolish enough to try to rein in on the internet?

Or are we asleep at our wheels (and keyboards?) unaware that men in black are creeping up on us, ready to spring and try to pound us into submission (I knew I never liked those buttons at the bottom of most internet forms that say “submit”)

Will we all be here same time, same place tomorrow?


Stay tuned, folks, lets see what tomorrow may bring.