Wednesday, Cuzzin Joe’s Birthday.

Posted by Jim - May 6th, 2009

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009.

Cuzzin Joe’s Birthday (Lori’s Husband)

Finished editing the monday night meeting, went into momentary panic thinking the boy, who is seeing his behavour coach after school on wednesdays, would have a melt down over needing to get into the house and get some money for something he gets into his head that he can’t live without. (and he will disrupt anything to let you know he is not going to be happy or let you live in peace if he doesn’t get it.) (he doesn’t neccessarily get his way this way with me, but Cathi will tell me I’m just being mean and give in to him. (One person’s “Tough love” is another person’s”That’s just being mean.”) Oh- I was in the studio when boy might have needed to break into house and get some money for whatever. They didn’t come banging on studio door. I guess things went okay.

Then we picked the boy up at the lake (his coach’s place) and had a nice talk with her new guy. (he’s a really nice guy. Cathi, boy, coach and coach’s spouse are all life path “7”s. hmmmmm-

I don’t know, I just might survive this week. And just when I think it’s almost more than I can take, Cathi complains that I don’t have to get up at 5 and drive into Ottawa and put up with contracting for 9 hours and then drive home for another hour and have to face our part time job for another hour and…. oh never mind.


Wednesday, 4-15-2009

Posted by Jim - April 17th, 2009

"Easter with Bridge and Weir"Wednesday, April 15th, 2009 (Income Tax Deadline in the US.)

I think it got up to about 14˚C/58˚F in Arnprior.

Yeesh. The boy has decided he should get up at 6:30 or even earlier in the morning, wash up and do long term homework projects before going to school. He was angry at me for not knowing that and for not waking him up at six o five this morning when his alarm clock failed (do to operator error?) I want to tell him that if he wants to get up at something other than what has been his normal time, well, that’s his responsibility and he can’t expect me or his mother to wake him up under those conditions.




Posted by Jim - March 10th, 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009. -5˚C/+23˚F @ 5:26 am. The Van in Yesterday's Snow

For anybody who doesn’t know what ‘Schnarr’ is, or means-

Cathi was about to say, “Oh Shi-” when she noticed her (then eight year old) son in the room, bright eyed with expectation of hearing mom say a word he knew she wasn’t supposed to say. The ‘S’ word became ‘schnar!’

& That immediately became our favourite universal euphemism. Describing anything as ‘Schnarr’ usually meant we didn’t like it, didn’t want to do it, wished we could avoid it- thought it was comically ridiculous. (ridiculous became ‘re-dick-lee-ous’ for a while when the boy (who is hyper-lexic; reads above his level but doesn’t always understand what he’s read.) complained about something, using a word he thought he understood, but got the pronunciation wrong- or maybe just got creative with the pronunciation. He doesn’t read this blog. (I’m a dull, boring adult who almost certainly has nothing interesting to say.) If he read this he’d be furious. Or he might spend a lot of time and energy arguing that he never mispronounced anything. Is it a testosterone thing? Do all boys and men believe that if they shout loud enough or gesture menacingly enough- they can re-write history or brow-beat any adversary into accepting their (the shouter’s) version of whatever? =schnarr=

We had a behaviourist (they use a lot more ‘U’s in Canada than they do in the U.S.) tell us to pick our battles. Cathi often tells me I’m being mean when I try not to let him get away with bullying her.

We pushed to get help creating a support group for parents of kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Somebody created that group. We’re members, we just don’t get to most of the meetings… (Schnarr-)

Shrug- This is only brushing the surface of what real ‘Schnarr’ is or can do for you. I love the word. It really does sound re-dick-lee-ous, in a comical way. Like a lot of Yiddish words- But I think ‘Schnarr’ is more like an “Ymmp-ish” term. and that’s a whole nother story, but anyway. It’s 5:44 am I didn’t get enough sleep yesterday, I worked all night and I have a full day ahead of me- ()Schnarr!()

—–Jim (And then we realized that some people actually have ‘Schnar’ or even ‘Von Schnar’ for a name- oh no-we never meant to humiliate anybody in any way shape or form…)

Monday March 9, little bit of snow falling

Posted by Jim - March 9th, 2009

Driveway in early morning snow-Monday, March 9th, 2009.

-6˚C/+22˚F & snowing lightly @ 8:30 am.

(Time to get the 12 year old to school, be right back.)

….I’m back. They had forecast 2-3 cm (centimeters) of snow (that’s like an inch or so) earlier and then revised it to closer to 5 centimeters. (2 inches?) And we’re just over the line into the weather map area that could possibly get 5-15 centimeters (15 cm would be almost 6 inches) The whole world is a nice clean white right now where it was a dirty grey-brown a while ago.

And I’ve been revising an old story in my head since I dropped the boy off at school.

He’s a tough kid to read, and he finds other humans just as tough to read. He’s like facial- clues- challenged, can’t tell by looking at anybody what they’re feeling, what kind of messages they’re trying to convey with body language, or any of that.

So he was staring straight ahead as we drove toward the school. I asked him if he was psyching himself for a day at school or just zoning out.

I had to re-phrase that two or three times until he understood what I meant, the final question from me was something like ‘are you making yourself ready for a day in hell, I mean school? Or are you kind of like falling asleep as you stare straight ahead there?’ He said he was sort of falling asleep with his eyes open.

While he was getting out of the van, ready to look sad and schlog his way to his in door (which is around on the other side of the school from where I can leave him off) I said, “Okay- give them hell-“

And he looked at me and said, “Can I give them heaven? I don’t have much hell left-” and I was stunned.

-“Wow, that’s even better-” And I had to call Cathi at work and tell her about that as soon as I got home.

I’m still writing that story in my head-

And last night I conked out before I got to the phone to wish my friend a happy belated birthday. (how about a philosophical smiley face here?)