Sunday slipped away

Posted by Jim - March 16th, 2009

Sunday, March 15, 2009 (the ides of?

Melting snow I think the temperature reached something like +3˚C/+38˚F?

anyway. I got up and went to work, spent something like seven and a half hours concentrating on stuff that had to get done, did stuff, set things up, went and picked up a volunteer who needed me to check her hours and sign a form for her… blinked a couple times and gasped. I wondered if I got anything done at all.

Upon further reflection, of course I did- but I was so freakin tired I hardly knew my own name.

I took the photo to the right or above right on Saturday the 14th.

Saturday evening was interesting.

I better go make sure the dripping coffee I hear is going into the coffee pot and not all over the place. It sounds weird.