Oops, there went Monday-

Posted by Jim - March 31st, 2009

Rain on the Weir, SundayMonday… ooops. Tuesday, March 31, 2009

+1˚C/+34˚F @ 4:07 am

Yup, monday got by us. As far as blogging goes.

I did a bunch of running around Arnprior, Checking for things I could use to try to organize the gunk I need into bookcases or something like that. I scored a couple pieces of cheap furniture that might be useful in the garage when we do something there.

Also- talked to a couple people about the showing of the movie about Walmart’s attitudes and casualties of those attitudes. I felt drained and collapsed, then did have enough energy to go to the showing, with the camera and helped get B roll for Jeremy’s news story. Also, Jeremy wants me to send him heads ups as soon as I know about anything newsworthy in Arnprior.


I’m exhausted.



Rainy Sunday

Posted by Jim - March 29th, 2009

Rain on the windshieldSunday, March 29, 2009.

+6˚C/+43˚F & raining @ 6:51 pm in Arnprior.

I was all psyched for a morning at the flea market. But then it was pouring rain. (schnarrrrr) but the Yurt couple were there and I ended up talking to them for an hour and a half.

This photo was taken around 5 pm. When blown up (or pre-shrunk down?) it is nicely warped by rain water running down the windshield.

Melanie is singing “We’re not in Kansas, no more-” 🙂

Work stuff was better than anticipated. The cleaner had been there and the church service was waiting in the in box.

((We had ice cream {step daughter, step son and me} before I went to to work.))

Learning new stuff on the iMac -/- began a database for tracking work projects for Indigo S.C.

And it’s my moon day (moon was at this degree of aries when I was born).

—Pas de Schnarr?

—–Jim 🙂

Après Earth Hour–I’ve been here and, I’ve been there and-

Posted by Jim - March 29th, 2009

Madawaska River and weir and bridgeSunday, March 29, 2009.

+7˚C/+45˚F @12:29 am.

Earth Hour was Magical. Before it started I had the feeling that something was happening, there was something in the air. It was the kind of feeling you get during an eclipse or when the lights have gone out and there’s no apparent reason why. People are all walking around, knowing there is something out of the ordinary and they’re not exactly sure what that is-

Earlier I drove to Nepean and Kanata, got a few things, looked at a bunch of things, noticed stuff I hadn’t noticed before and pouted over the loss of a bargain builders’ supply place at exit 144. 🙁

But all in all, and building on last night’s C2C-am talk about Angels and Unicorns, It was a magical day.


Angels and Unicorns are 7th Dimensional Beings?

Posted by Jim - March 28th, 2009

New iMacSaturday, March 28, 2009.

+3˚C/+37˚F @3:33 am.

Diana Cooper (from the UK) was on Coast to Coast am earlier talking about angels and unicorns being 7th dimensional beings. Angels don’t mind at all being asked to help you find a convenient parking place, they’re tuned in on your heart level. Unicorns come to people who are undertaking ‘missions’ on a greater scale, somebody hoping to improve life for everybody right now, tackling the greater issues of life and all that. They respond to calls on the soul level.

So that’s my new iMac over there or up there, and I’m not sure whether it was angels or unicorns or both who helped me get it.



Friday, Yup, I’ve been busy- But-

Posted by Jim - March 27th, 2009

Friday, March 27, 2009.

+4˚C/+39˚F @ 11:33 pm.


Yes, I will write more later.

We have the daughter and the son for the weekend.

I’ve been working on the new iMac that got here Yesterday.

I’m up to my earbulbs in projects with many many loose ends.

And I’m smiling.



It’s been a busy couple days.

Posted by Jim - March 26th, 2009

Thursday Monrning, March 26th, 2009.

+2˚C/+36˚F @ 5:30 am. We’ve had a little bit of rain over night.

Tuesday I spent 11 hours at one job and 3 at another. Wednesday I had some loose ends from Tuesday and I zonked out in the middle, also went to Kanata and got my new eyeglasses.

And we talked to a friend who is having a relationship crisis and told us just how bad it got a couple weeks ago. We almost lost her. yikes.

I have an old photo I’d like to upload, a volunteer at work doing what I do, but I can’t get there from here yet.

So- I’ll have to do more later, but right now I need to make sure Cathi gets out of here in time and I’m like at the edge of passing out from fatigue…

Hang in there-


Monday…..The boy was wandering around at 2 am.

Posted by Jim - March 23rd, 2009

Arnprior's Mayor on the cover of the "City" section Monday, March 23, 2009.

-8˚C/+18˚F @ 3:11 AM


Continuing with Sunday: On a more pleasant note, I did finally get through to my friend in Vermont who had a birthday on March 5th. We did some heavy duty catching up. Her son is in Thailand and just got his visa extended to stay there a little longer. Her daughter is in New York City, working as a private secretary to a celebrity you’ve probably heard of, {but I’m not about to name drop here}. One fun thing about talking to my friend was learning that her mother listens to coast to coast a.m. and reports back about aliens and government conspiracies etc. My friend sounded  quite astonished about that.

And… the photo here is of Mayor Terry Gibeau {{“Jee-Boe”} of Arnprior, who has been interviewed by area media and been on radio, teevee and in the newspapers (This is the Ottawa Citizen again) recently, complaining about the high profile process of the Canadian Federal Government bragging about how many millions they are pumping into ‘Shovel Ready’ projects to stimulate the economy, But this government(*) is a whole lot better at bragging than actually coming through and ‘putting their money where their mouth is’. They found a technicality to skip over Arnprior in their highly visible, “Look what we’re doing for you!” campaign. Then they reported back to the local town government that there still is a bunch of money in this programme and if we play nice, we might even get some… {{ (*) and when a Canadian says, “This government” they refer to the last prime minister elected and his or her cabinet and all the ‘ministers’ who would be called ‘Secretaries’ in the states. {{so instead of the Secretary of Labor, up here they would call that person the “Minister of Labour” and they are still mystified about what “Americans” do with all their “u”s, I tell them they use them all up shouting “USA-number One, USA Number One…” ad nauseum without stopping  to thing about what they  are number one in or at. ((Heaven help them if they find out…)) }}

So, there is nonsense afoot. There is always nonsense afoot in the world of politiks…. but I got to talk to my friend on the phone, and we saw other friends earlier, and the news filtering in through sources like “Coast to Coast AM” (‘google it’….) and more direct communication with the forces of light, who are here, have always been here, only needed us to yell “Help!” a couple times… (you should do that often… think about Archangels and Saints and all sorts of other good guys from ‘up there’ or ‘beyond’ or wherever they’re waiting, and think, “We could sure use your help…” yup.



Sunday slipped past us, sort of….

Posted by Jim - March 23rd, 2009

Ottawa Citizen Feb 20 2009Sunday, March 22, 2009. Cuzzin Debi’s birthday. (but also) : Cathi’s and my Anniversary (Has it really been 7 years? Should I worry that I’m not itching???)

Um, I think it got above freezing….

got up and zoomed to the studio at 10 am to see what was going wrong with today’s playback. DVD player was frozen, I had to shut it off and restart it, then everything went fine. Cathi was pissed when I was making noise that early this morning… when she could sleep in.

Oh wait a minute. “Pissed” means drunk in Canadian and UK English. She was not drunk.

Pissed means upset, angry in USAtian English, she was grumbling.

Okay- today’s photo. the front page of the Ottawa Citizen on Friday, February 20, 2009. Barak Obama with the Governor General of Canada. The Governor General is actually the head of state here. The Prime Minister (In Harper’s case) is just the chief egotistical manipulator who believes he’s in charge.

Tonight’s news on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) was talking about a derisive newsclip from Fox News that is now making its rounds on YouTube, in which, among other things, some asshole is saying (about Canadians fighting in Afghanistan) “They’re in the war? I didn’t know they’re in the war, I thought Canada was where everybody goes when they’re too chicken to fight.” or something similar- that’s the intent we got.

But anyway, cheer up fans of truth in reporting. B.S. like that is becoming more and more transparent all the time. We ARE evolving faster than the fear mongers and war mongers can keep up with us. This is their last gasp, kiddies, we might as well laugh them off their high horses in the hopes they go home and drink themselves to death, or something along those lines.

No, I’m not mad. And I’m not sitting here smuggly looking forward to their demise. I am a bit frustrated thinking that these idiots think they can still maintain control over the hearts and minds that are slipping through their fingers a little more every  day.

Sigh, it will get uglier before it gets better.


Saturday, Weird dreams (volleyball with half translucent kids?)

Posted by Jim - March 21st, 2009

Cathi Couch Dog OrbSaturday, March 21, 2009.

+3˚C/+37˚F @ 12:42 pm.

Cathi on the couch with dog who is all teeth and an orb. Weird green glowing dog eyes may even be focused on the orb.

Weird dreams: moving around at work, we were given long curved things that looked like plastic fingernails, probably about 4 inches long, and when we reached our new duty station someone, usually a woman, would take the fingernail kind of thing and insert it into a time clock, then hand us a bunch of change and throw the finger nail type thing away. Upon close inspection the change we’d been handed was all sorts of odd sized stuff, very tiny dimes, and a lot of square coins that had reproductions of Canadian and US designs and all had Disney’s logo on them. Then we were playing volleyball with rolled up towels instead of balls. The championship team was bored with the game and they were just bouncing the towels to each other with their heads. When their game was over somebody hit one of those towels to me and when I was able to bop it with my closed fist a couple of the guys on the championship team were impressed. And it looked like we were going to have a game right then and there, and that’s when I noticed the child who was half see-through translucent (the lower half?) and  I told him that, “Hey- you’re partly invisible…” Then I followed the progress of a young woman (a thin blond in a tennis dress) who went outside, walking along a sidewalk in what looked like a suburban setting. She walked up to a parking meter and chose a set of headphones, put them on her head and lay down in the grass. As she listened to music a nurse came along and gave her a shot of some kind of drug to make her sleep. I was appalled….


Friday I think it’s officially Springtime…

Posted by Jim - March 20th, 2009

Our House about an hour ago.Saturday, March 20, 2009. (Dona Flynn’s Birthday?)

0˚C/32˚F @ 6 pm  in Arnprior.

To the left (or above left?) is a photo of our house as it was about an hour ago.

We also have some photos of Jassper and Cathi on the couch last night, but speak of the devil… the dog is barking to be let in. It’s past supper scoop time and I think he’s afraid we’ll never feed him again.

I’ll be back.

…Guess who needed his peanut butter fix?

(I’ll give you a hint…. “Booof-  booof-“)


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