Posted by Jim - March 10th, 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009. -5˚C/+23˚F @ 5:26 am. The Van in Yesterday's Snow

For anybody who doesn’t know what ‘Schnarr’ is, or means-

Cathi was about to say, “Oh Shi-” when she noticed her (then eight year old) son in the room, bright eyed with expectation of hearing mom say a word he knew she wasn’t supposed to say. The ‘S’ word became ‘schnar!’

& That immediately became our favourite universal euphemism. Describing anything as ‘Schnarr’ usually meant we didn’t like it, didn’t want to do it, wished we could avoid it- thought it was comically ridiculous. (ridiculous became ‘re-dick-lee-ous’ for a while when the boy (who is hyper-lexic; reads above his level but doesn’t always understand what he’s read.) complained about something, using a word he thought he understood, but got the pronunciation wrong- or maybe just got creative with the pronunciation. He doesn’t read this blog. (I’m a dull, boring adult who almost certainly has nothing interesting to say.) If he read this he’d be furious. Or he might spend a lot of time and energy arguing that he never mispronounced anything. Is it a testosterone thing? Do all boys and men believe that if they shout loud enough or gesture menacingly enough- they can re-write history or brow-beat any adversary into accepting their (the shouter’s) version of whatever? =schnarr=

We had a behaviourist (they use a lot more ‘U’s in Canada than they do in the U.S.) tell us to pick our battles. Cathi often tells me I’m being mean when I try not to let him get away with bullying her.

We pushed to get help creating a support group for parents of kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Somebody created that group. We’re members, we just don’t get to most of the meetings… (Schnarr-)

Shrug- This is only brushing the surface of what real ‘Schnarr’ is or can do for you. I love the word. It really does sound re-dick-lee-ous, in a comical way. Like a lot of Yiddish words- But I think ‘Schnarr’ is more like an “Ymmp-ish” term. and that’s a whole nother story, but anyway. It’s 5:44 am I didn’t get enough sleep yesterday, I worked all night and I have a full day ahead of me- ()Schnarr!()

—–Jim (And then we realized that some people actually have ‘Schnar’ or even ‘Von Schnar’ for a name- oh no-we never meant to humiliate anybody in any way shape or form…)