Rainy Sunday

Posted by Jim - March 29th, 2009

Rain on the windshieldSunday, March 29, 2009.

+6˚C/+43˚F & raining @ 6:51 pm in Arnprior.

I was all psyched for a morning at the flea market. But then it was pouring rain. (schnarrrrr) but the Yurt couple were there and I ended up talking to them for an hour and a half.

This photo was taken around 5 pm. When blown up (or pre-shrunk down?) it is nicely warped by rain water running down the windshield.

Melanie is singing “We’re not in Kansas, no more-” 🙂

Work stuff was better than anticipated. The cleaner had been there and the church service was waiting in the in box.

((We had ice cream {step daughter, step son and me} before I went to to work.))

Learning new stuff on the iMac -/- began a database for tracking work projects for Indigo S.C.

And it’s my moon day (moon was at this degree of aries when I was born).

—Pas de Schnarr?

—–Jim 🙂

Après Earth Hour–I’ve been here and, I’ve been there and-

Posted by Jim - March 29th, 2009

Madawaska River and weir and bridgeSunday, March 29, 2009.

+7˚C/+45˚F @12:29 am.

Earth Hour was Magical. Before it started I had the feeling that something was happening, there was something in the air. It was the kind of feeling you get during an eclipse or when the lights have gone out and there’s no apparent reason why. People are all walking around, knowing there is something out of the ordinary and they’re not exactly sure what that is-

Earlier I drove to Nepean and Kanata, got a few things, looked at a bunch of things, noticed stuff I hadn’t noticed before and pouted over the loss of a bargain builders’ supply place at exit 144. 🙁

But all in all, and building on last night’s C2C-am talk about Angels and Unicorns, It was a magical day.