Jim’s Photos

Posted by Jim - April 23rd, 2011

Let’s see how this goes:

Seminar Facilitator

Professor Darwin Boles (He said he didn’t choose the name.) Facilitating a Seminar. or

What I did on my Spring non-Vacation.

Buddha Statue

This was on the side of the road (Hwy 7) on the way to and from the Seminar.

Lizard and Face Sculptures

But I have to admit, the lizard was what really captured my interest. It was raining when I took the video that we captured these images from. (the indoor image was on an overcast day, but that didn’t matter, since we were indoors.)


Doug’s Photo of Me

Posted by Jim - April 23rd, 2011


Here’s the photo of me that Doug took.



Posted by djotterson - April 22nd, 2011

So I have the photos I took of you (Jim) but I can’t figure out how to upload them into the blog here. It looks like the only way to get an image into this thing is to grab it from a web site (it wants the URL and doesn’t have the “browse” option I got used to.) So I’ll have to email the danged things to you and have you insert them later, how’s that sound?


Your Upcoming Elections

Posted by djotterson - April 22nd, 2011

Thanks for walking me through the sign in process here. (Good thing I’m visiting because I don’t think I could have figured this out long distance. (& Next time, let me use a computer with a keyboard that doesn’t stick, huh? This is painful.) )

So Your Elections are just as crazy as ours, hey? (Different flavored craziness but still nuts.) And you guys spell it “flavoured” I get it. Maybe.

& I can rag on your candidates without losing my job. Can’t I? That sounds tempting.

First impression? I don’t trust your polls. Something just doesn’t sound right (I listen to Canadian broadcasts over the internet.) I get the very strong impression that somebody is trying to control opinion poll results so tightly that he, she, or it probably controls the questions, who gets asked, and then maybe even changes the answers to get the result he, she, or it wanted in the first place.

Here, in the U.S., things are nuts. Are you guys really trying to catch up to us?

….. and another thing, gad, this really looks a hundred percent better on a Mac. Doesn’t it?


Still Alive, and Kicking?

Posted by Jim - April 22nd, 2011

Yeah, it’s been a while.

The problem is, the get a new password if you lost yours routine is broken. Something does not like the ‘key’ it sends you. and it keeps sending you the same key, and the routine keeps telling you the key is invalid.

And then again, I made the notebook notation where I wrote down the ‘new password’ intentionally cryptic (silly me)

So after much frustration, and a little bit of elation, maybe even giddyness when the last attempt actually worked-

Here we are.

Moe is complaining upstairs, “maoww maaow maaow maaaow-”

Everybody else is sleeping. “zzzzzzz zzzz zzz zzz zzzZZzz ZZZZz zzzzz”

And here I am, messing with blogs that weren’t dead, just sleeping. Mercury goes direct tomorrow.