-June 6, 2009:

Everywhere I look I see brick walls.

set there by you

If nothing I could possibly imagine

could ever be good enough

Why would I ever bother trying?

(Okay, I’m depressed and feeling cornered and hopeless.)

((This would be my schnarr venting blog))



-February 16, 2009:

The best definition of Ego I’ve seen in a while is, “Edging God Out”.

No matter what kind of mental gymnastics you attempt to justify yourself, any neurotic need to Dominate, Manipulate, “Be the one in charge”, or Control anyone but yourself- opens a door through which the anti-Christ spirit can leverage its way in and ravage your soul, and thereby infect all those around you.

You have a God-given right to create a hell on earth for yourself, that’s what free will is all about. But I would be denying Christ’s gifts, spitting in the face of His sacrifice to let you think for a minute that you have a right to bring anybody else down with you.

The cleaner’s contract with you is a charity case. He charges you way below his costs, saying that is his way of giving back, being a good Christian.

But if your unholy ego can’t be satisfied with what it takes 3 hours to do, at someone else’s expense, then maybe you need to exercise a little of the humility you demand from everybody else in your organization and do it yourself.


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