Duh-, It’s a Thursday, And the Boof is boofing at the door.

Posted by Jim - June 20th, 2013

Thursday, the 20th of June, 2013. Warm and muggy at 24˚C / 73˚F at almost 4:15 pm, up here in the (cough cough) clean air? in the great white north? (( If I lived in an igloo I’d’ve drowned? )).

Um, I started out early, er, earlier than usual for me. I thought I might be able to clean up a bit, or straighten up a bit, or perform some kind of cosmetic surgery on the 24 by 36 loft area of the garage (2nd storey). I remembered how painful it can be trying to go through tons of stuff you have to sort through. I also learned that it warms up pretty fast in the morning. Even when it starts out at something like 6˚C/44˚F.

I found some photos the other day, mixed in with some automobile schnarr (Schnarr = universal euphemism for gunk, junk, poop, & anything else you’d probably rather not deal with at the moment you’re looking at it.)

Photos from 1986 when my nephew, Dave, was 17 & 18 months old.

By ten ayem it was already too hot to try to arrange the schnarr in the garage/attic, and I had to go to the bank and play stupid to get help making a payment on something that should have been a lot easier. Yes the banks really are making war on their customers, but they’re also making war on their employees, and I got a nice one to help me make the payment. ((the deal is, Cathi gets an extra special birthday and mother’s day gift from me when the bank gives me a ‘free’ samsung tablet for opening an overpriced ‘infinity’ account and completing 2 of three quests, paying a bill on line and setting up prepayments of another bill.)) (Like I said, it should be easy. But the prepaid deal has some twists and turns along the way. And the payee doesn’t like Visa cards that are really debit cards. [(It’s a conspiracy!)] So when I tried to make a manual payment to the payee, it told me I was a complete idiot and should drown myself in that kind of alcohol that you can’t drink, because it’s poison. I forget, is it wood alcohol?) Anyway, I survived the bank. I survived the gas station/convenience store where I picked up an 18.9 liter/5 us gallon jug of water and I survived a side trip to a Wendy’s where I got me a chicken sandwich and got the dog a plain junior hamburger.

I almost didn’t survive trying to scan some of the photos I found today and some I found last week and I found out that the computer I can boot in Mac OS 9 is having a problem with every microphone I try to connect to it. I wonder if it needs one of those goofy mic’s that looks like the bio pod for the martians driving the scary killing machines in the old War of the Worlds Movie with Gene whatsisname as the hero. ( I think he played Bat Masterson on Wyatt Earp or one of those ancient black and white teevee westerns. He might even have had his own Bat series back then.)

So it began to feel like I wasn’t going to get anything to write home about done today, and when the boof wanted to go bark at neighbours and people walking their dogs (Imagine! those dogs wouldn’t come over and play with him- now that’s a crime.!) Poor boof. I took a look at the back yard and thought I better do some yard schnarr. –> I cut the grass and got a million mosquitoes angry or maybe just whipped them into a feeding frenzy and now my arm itches like….. you know….

And (sigh) I still got a little bit done. It feels like I’m trying to avert a mudslide by making sand castles, but I think I’m actually getting somewhere. I just hope that somewhere is a place where Boof and the meow gang and Cathi and I can be deliriously happy when we get there.

The spelling checker is okay with deliriously, but it doesn’t like the word ‘and’- now that’s weird…..


If it’s Tuesday this must be….. uhhhh…

Posted by Jim - June 18th, 2013

Good Morning. It’s like 5:50 am here in the great green north. 8˚C / 46˚F slightly west of Ottawa.

I have a splitting headache and at least one of my computers is going nuts.

((( I have several computers. The justification is that I’m working on building an interactive ‘game’ world. I wanted to be sure people who were not gazillionheirs could connect and have fun. Well, they probably can’t, as the company who owns the ‘cloud’ keeps ‘upgrading’ ‘to make your gaming experience more enjoyable’ (but if truth in advertizing really surfaced they’d be saying, “We keep moving the entry level bar up two notches higher than you can reach so we can laugh at you when you fall and keep you scrambling as a slave to make more money so your government can take more of it away from you so you can experience more and more frustration and never get what we promised you, nyaaaaaa-“) )))

The 32 bit windows machine, running XP Professional, has been acting weirdly lately. The firefox browser just closed, pfffft, disappeared- and when I clicked on the icon to reopen it I was informed that windows could not confirm the author of that program so I should click here to let their spying applications search through everything on my computer and throughout all my links to the internet so they could trace all possible threats to their power. (( No, that’s not exactly what they said, but I had a gut suspicion that that’s what they meant. <<< & the spell checker likes ‘suspicion’ but it doesn’t like “Nyaaaaaaa” ??? >>> ))


So while I have a splitting headache, the pain in my neck and shoulder seem to be absent at the moment.

Cheer up, life does get interesting.

And my angels have promised me that it’s getting better for me and Cathi. This is the first day of the rest of your life and all that…”



Thursday, 5/7/9

Posted by Jim - May 7th, 2009

Thursday, May 7th, 2009. 5-7-9 “odd day” is supposedly significant to math freeks.

Museum board meeting. Scott told us that CD stomper labels are frowned upon, because the adhesive can mess up cd’s and dvd’s and Cathi said, yeah, they can also mess up players if the label comes loose or whatever.

So we looked for printers that print right on the cd’s/dvd’s. Epson stylus R280 photo/cd/dvd printer. buck and a quarter Canadian. We can live with that. Yum.

Dreamed my old friend Kathy Krafchick didn’t want to be hugged. I introduced her to Christine R’s daughter “C” and told her that “C” was a pisces too, and when I told her C’s Birthday, C said no, it was the 20th- but the 20th is Kathy K’s… I woke up wondering if I’m trying  to develop the facility to remember numbers from dreams and or psychic events.




Posted by Jim - May 3rd, 2009

Rock in mail boxSunday, May 3, 2009. Pete Seeger had some kind of landmark #’d birthday today. & it’s also Janet Newcamp (somethingorother)’s Birthday.

+64˚F/18˚C @ 5 pm / 17h00 this evening.

The first photo here today is the rock I found in the company mail box last night when I zoomed in to make sure everything went well and shut down properly when the evening’s airplay was finished.

I was trying to guess whether the rock was placed there as some kind of statement by the local bored teen-agers. And if so, was that message, “We’re pissed off at the world and we know where you work.” or, “(hic)… hey look, a mailbox, and a rock, don’t they look… (hic) artistic together?”

-Or, since we came from seeing the movie “Wolverine (etc.)” is the rock some kind of secret communications device to help me get in touch with other Mutants or (good or bad?) space aliens…(Hmmmm…)

EveningThe second photo here, was taken at one of my favourite spots in town, an almost secret park called “Bell Park”, down by the river, (Chats Lake) (which is really the Ottawa River, but it is really really wide here.)

This nicely brooding sky brought us maybe a couple dozen raindrops and then got bored and blew away. I think maybe boredome is one of the major themes of the day, even if I wasn ‘t bored. I had way too much of an allergy headache to worry about being bored.

I have several stories trying to work their way out of my imagination and into some kind of viable form.

& I have also been messing with computers big time and just realized that the OS X 10.4.6 that I bought a couple years ago was a rip off. It didn’t have a few of the features that I was just about absolutely sure it did, like iPhoto? grumble grumble.

Eep, I just heard a noise on the teevee (Cathi’s gone to bed and left the teevee on, CSI:NY,) a corpse about to be zipped into a body bag just opened its eyes and started gasping.




Saturday, Zoom Zoom- (breathe…)

Posted by Jim - April 11th, 2009

Fitzroy Harbour - Quyon Ferr DockSaturday, April 11, 2009.

(Fairly warm- don’t remember actual temperature)

I tried to sleep- couldn’t, figured today was the only chance I’d have for a while to zoom out to the Quebec (St Therese de la gatineau?) property and do something about the open window in the van/storage on wheels fing.

I was half kicking myself for keeping quiet and half proud of myself for letting Cathi sleep as long as I could. Then, when she opened one eye and I said I had to do this and she complained that she thought she could sleep late, I felt awful, bad me- but I don’t know- should I have just left without feeling her out to see if she wanted to come, or could come…?Van and Jeep at property in Quebec

Anyway, I learned 3 or 4 things worth mentioning here…

•Never trust a computer (or GPS) to plot your course through Quebec.

•Going way off the beaten path in Quebec can be quite the adventure and show you some really beautiful sights.

•The GPS would rather send me through Ottawa then let me take the ferry.

•Moose skeletons at the edge of the road are a really impressive sight.

•GPSes will send you down what looks like somebody’s driveway if you don’t pay attention. (and farm animals herding their young across dirt roads as strange vehicles zoom by is a really touching and beautiful sight).

• I love Quebec. I don’t know yet whether Quebec loves me or not, but it is one beautiful place. (maybe several beautiful places bundled together, but it is beautiful) (and it gives me a whole lot of reasons to practice my French while I’m driving.)

Bones near my

Animals apparently like my property there. There were lots of signs that deer had used the gentle southeastern slope for a bathroom.

And something had apparently chowed down on something about the size of a deer and left us the bones, very close to the trailer. I’m thinking that whatever ate the deer probably appreciated the shelter of the trailer and the snow it caught.

I had just enough time to snap a bunch of digital photos and pop the tarp over the van (Hoping the tarp keeps the weather out, I hope I’m not inviting a hive of nasty insects into the van to breed and make a mess of anything in there. I hope I haven’t given any field mice a convenient tarp to climb up and find their way in through the slit of open window so they can breed and wreak havoc eating the furniture and stuff….) ((Cathi found the van’s keys in the cleverly obvious place I had left them while I was over there tarping and snapping photos.))Roots holding hands at the top of the hill.

I’m thinking that a really wonderful spot to put some kind of more or less permanent shelter would be near the top of the hill, to the right of the road where we drive in- I’m thinking it is a south east slope, would be yummy for solar stuff, and could be very good for solar gain if it’s a little more south south than south east, but anyway, these trees’ roots are holding hands near where I think I should build something.

I should give you a listing of the photos here. (top to bottom)

1. The Ferry Landing on the Fitzroy Harbour, Ontario, side of the Ottawa River. The price has gone up a dollar from last year.

Fallen Birches and Rocks near the roots

2. The Van with its new tarp bonnet, and the Jeep with its new coat of salt from splashing through a lot of puddles lately. (eep)

3. The bones near the trailer.

4. Roots holding hands where I want to build something. (I don’t think I have the heart to break up that romantic sight, so I’ll plan around it.)

& 5. Stone and fallen Birches just to the right of the trees that are holding roots. I think the stones are a natural formation, I’d hate to find out this might be somebody’s burial site from a couple million years BC or something. that would be creepy.

Anyway- the GPS thingy says the Jeep is parked at 46°N 17.640′ / 75°W 52.517′ I’ll have to plug that into a map to see what it tells me.

The GPS also thought that sending me through Ottawa on the way home should take 3 hours and 13 minutes. If you count stopping for gas, it was pretty much right. We had timed the trip at more like 2 and a half hours if we take the ferry and then shoot over the mountain through Gatineau Park over there. I think it’s Gatineau Park.


Thursday, Long weekend coming-

Posted by Jim - April 9th, 2009

Early Spring In Arnprior....b?Thursday, April 9, 2009. Irene Adzima’s Birthday.

0˚C/32˚F @ 8 am in Arnprior.

Exhausted- I’m stumbling around in a daze.

What I’m dealing with is- What Should I concentrate on right now? Should I go with setting up an internet radio station first or try to work on developing a role playing game that may or may not bring in an income that may start out as a trickle and gain momentum? Both tracks are aimed at aiding the Spiritual Evolution of the Human Race.

We took the boy to his father’s for the Holiday Weekend, got stuck in traffic and went to Rob’s surprise birthday party on the way home.

-RE: Plans for the future- Rob’s daughter in England and a Movie producer in Lost Angeles have both commented on the interview Rob and I recorded and which is available at : http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread450624/pg1# (and both comments were positive).

-RE: Canadian Politics. I’m hearing loads of people exclaiming, “What a [fupping] idiot-!” when the latest news about the prime minister’s comments on just about anything airs on the radio.

-RE: Communicating with friends… I sent a dvd and short letter to my friends in Vermont (finally). Now I only have a couple dozen more to catch up with…

I should probably quit while I’m ahead, or at least: while I’m still suffering with the delusion that I’m ahead.

Photo: There are a lot of black squirrels up here. This one is pretty near the beach that is part of Robert Simpson Park. (I do not believe that Robert is related to Bart…) 😉


Sunday! Spring is in the air-

Posted by Jim - April 5th, 2009

Springtime In Arnprior #25Sunday, April 5, 2009. Erin’s Friend Lindsay’s B’day.

+8˚C/+46˚F @ 6:30 pm in Arnprior.

I could have slept all day…. Well, I tried.

I had to go check on the studio to see if there was a new church service to play tonight.

There wasn’t. But I took some neat 5 p.m.-ish springtime photos around town. Some of these will be playing soon behind the Bulletin board on the local access channel here in town. I really need to find out if Pakenham gets our feed or Jeremy’s. I could be taking neat photos of the five span bridge with tons of spring water flowing underneaf it. Yum.

Looking forward to getting some of Cathi’s birthday cake. She seemed insistant on waiting until the boy was back home. Imwanted to eat the whole dang thing before he saw it, schnarr (joke joke)

oh well. It’s beginning to look a lot like springtime-

Maybe we’ll see if we can move some stuff around in the driveway when they get back from picking up the boy.



Saturday, April 4th, 2009. (Dawn’s Birthday! yay!!!! :) )

Posted by Jim - April 4th, 2009

Saturday, April 4, 2009, Jeeeze. I think Dawn turned 30 today. eeep. a young woman I had a big crush on in junior high school turned 60. o my goodness… not possible– nope.Video Camera at the Deifenbunker.

+2˚C/+36˚F & raining at 8:00 pm.

(This photo is a closeup of another one of the video cameras suspended from the cieling in the same room where the previous photo was taken. The photo below is a map with projected fallout patterns determined by prevailing winds. It looked like my section of Connecticut might have been almost okay- if New York City was nuked- unless the winds were wrong… eeep?)

I wanted to call Dawn & wish her an Appah Hoopie today. –Day’s not quite over yet… but

We slept late. I woke up hurting with muscle pain in my right elbow, sat with a heat pack for an hour or so, felt a little better, then helped Cathi by carrying laundry down two flights of stairs and brought the pain right back, Schnarr-

Fallout Patterns projected by prevailing winds.

We went and looked at an open house in Fitzroy Harbour- sort of the next town east of here? Part of ‘Greater Ottawa’. Nice house. Pretty nice Real Estate Agent, too. She called a little while after we got home to say that somebody had put in an offer on that house, and wanted to know if we wanted to put in a bid ourselves- and When Cathi said we probably couldn’t outbid anybody, she (the real estate agent) asked what we were looking for, Cathi said, ‘a house with character and a little bit of land’. ‘Oh,’ said the real estate agent, “I’m going to look at one of those right now- wanna ome along?” and we couldn’t, but she’ll send us a link to the M.L.S. listing. (Cool 🙂 )

Après le Open House we went into Kanata and got Cathi a birthday present or two.

And when we got home, I felt lousy, and bombed out at trying to figure out how to transfer photos from may cell phone to the computer here, but with a lot of patience and help from Cathi, we got it done, I think. The photos are living proof- if they’re still there. 🙂

Sigh. I tried to further organize my corner of the living room downstairs, met with frustration, might have actually gotten something done….

And here it is, 9:47 pm.

I should very carefully eat something and see what kind of shape my stomach is in… Schnarr….



Posted by Jim - April 1st, 2009

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009. (Happy New Year!) ((Marion & Val’s Birfday… & a couple other friends’ birthday too. Mike something…))

+1˚c/+34˚F & drizzling @ 8:01 am.

12 hours at one job, 3 at the other yesterday… (covered ameeting about staggered school bells) & I gotta do stuff at the studio today. Schnarr-

I couldn’t pay much attention to what they were saying, but the intent felt like… Shills for the schoolboard say, “We don’t give a flyin fupp what you think, we’re smarter than you- we’ve decided what is best for you and we’re going to implement it- so what if it fupps you up and makes you pay another hundred bux a week for child care (their plan only works if you, the victim, have only one child) their plan will save them money- maybe… (until the bus company catches on and raises their rates because they’ve been short changed by this stupid plan of the school board’s?)

It looks like another snow job, another fait accomplis rammed down our throats by people whose main point in life is to convince themselves that they’re smarter than anybody they serve and they should explain that to us any chance they get. if we balk, well, we’re stupid and uneducated and we’ve been misled… Schnarrrrrr-