I think we made it to March, yay!

Posted by Jim - March 2nd, 2009

Monday, March 2, 2009. ((4:38 AM))

It’s -18˚C / 0˚F, & it sounds a bit windy out there. ((( -30˚C Wind Chill…)))

Yurt: This is a 28 foot yurt that ‘lives’ at the Antrim Flea Market, & Is open every Sunday, year round.

28 foot Yurt

Saturday, I went to see a 32 foot (diameter) yurt in Cumberland, Ontario. The guy who owns it and sells them had his electrical person there, they were fine tuning his electrical system. We talked a bit (I got there late, and didn’t have long to talk, I had to pick up the kids, as this was our weekend to have the kids here. The boy had his usual skiing lesson and the young woman had an unusual skiing lesson with her Mom, Cathi.) I should go grab a photo of a yurt and post it here with this. Yup- I did.

So anyway, I also figured out how to make it look like this with the text wrapped around it. Now let’s hope everything goes well and you can read all this. And  I’m talking to the guy who sells the yurts and the alternate technology stuff about doing something with video.

(((( I think I might leave this text in whatever colour it defaults to. ))))

I’m feeling like we’ll get a couple more snow storms before Spring warms us all the way through.

Anyway, Happy March! Spring is on the way and my sister Nancy might get something like fifteen inches of snow and blizzard conditions today… hmmmmmm-