Yooks Yike We Be Movin….. (Yikes?)

Posted by Jim - June 2nd, 2013

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The Move is On

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013.  22˚C / 70˚F in the Ottawa area (from two different sources) (It’s nowhere near as Muggy  as yesterday here—)

A young boy thought I looked like Gandalf in “The Hobbit” yesterday. Last March a slightly drunk young man called out to his friends, “Hey look, it’s Dumbledoor!”

(Ouch, my neck-)

So, we didn’t know for sure until Wednesday whether we would actually be moving or not. Cathi had a job offer, & the Department of Fisheries and Oceans up here is hurting for people with her knowledge and expertise, && they wanted her there by New Years day. Um, it took them until most of the way through May to get the actual job offer in her hands and wanted us to move about a thousand miles and be ready for her to start by like, tomorrow? And then a mix up in the details of how they were going to help us move had Cathi ready to flip them the bird and call out something like, “In your dreams, Ice Holes!” But the guy who knew what he was doing, unlike most guys who know what they’re doing, was at the top of their food chain and he diplomatically whacked the person on the wrist who had told Cathi that she wasn’t going to get much help getting there.

We had a Real Estate friend come over with a chain saw and a branch pruning pole and, in yesterday’s heat, cut back some bushes, loaded a bunch of shrub prunings onto his trailer and turned my forehead red from exposure to sunlight, (I didn’t blush it this colour.)

No- we don’t live in igloos up here year round. Yes, Canadians with European colouration do get sunburns when we’re halfway to the North Pole.

———And, man, do I have a lot of dreams to tell you about. (If it’s tomorrow there are probably several of those dreams either above this message or pr-dated to get them below, closer to where they actually happened.)

——— (Busy up North),


Cousin Glenn

Posted by Jim - July 14th, 2010

My cousin Glenn, who died just after his 50th birthday in the year 2000, spent what felt like about half an hour with me in dreamland. I think it had something to do with mechanic stuff on cars. I told him he’d been back since he’d died at least once before and he said, “Oh yeah?” and went on to tell me about somebody who shook his hand, but the hand shake was an energy ‘AWOL’ (or something like that, the exact word before AWOL has disappeared from my brain in the time it took me to get to the computer.) I didn’t ask any questions between the time he mentioned the something AWOL and went on to explain that whomever had shaken his hand in that manor wanted to check to see if he’d been killed in a car crash or something.

I’m not sure the conversation means a heck of a lot, but I always appreciate these visits and my cousin Glenn has shown me some very interesting places on the other side when he’s come around, (Thanks!)