Lately? III

Posted by Jim - February 28th, 2009

New Van at Robert Simpson Park And this is our new van. We haven’t given it a name yet, Ben wanted to know whether we should call it the van or the Dodge, or what? So far it’s “The New Van” (luckily, nobody has called it “Morrison” yet…. shudder). I took this photo on Friday, February 27, 2009 (the Day after Aunt Reggie’s Birthday) in the parking lot at Robert Simpson Park (Not related to Bart- I don’t think) Down the hill behind the pile of snow beyond the van is the beach, one of two town beaches. The white stuff you might be able to see back there is snow on top of ice. People drive out on the ice all the time, just not from here, because the town is real good at piling up a nice, tall barrier of white stuff that keeps people from trying to drive vehicles (other than snow mobiles?) down the steepish, winding hill…



Lately? Part II

Posted by Jim - February 28th, 2009

Moe-Busily holding down his cushion. This is Moe, yes, he’s in charge of things, and doing a good job of it. (from February 2009).


Uh, what have we been up to lately?

Posted by Jim - February 28th, 2009

Jassper “Boooof-“

This is Jassper. He came from Montreal before we first met him in the Gatineau (Quebec) Animal Shelter. He understood both French and English (or rather, ignored commands in both languages) and when he began barking at things out the window, sounding like, “Booof- Booof-” we thought maybe he was barking in French.


The Arnprior Chronicle-Guide Office is for sale.

Posted by Jim - February 13th, 2009

-Arnprior, Ontario, Canada, Friday, February 13th, 2009-

Local reporter Peter DeWolf became an ex employee of the Arnprior Chronicle Guide just after telling somebody that the newspaper was leaving town.

The newspaper denied that.

Now its office is up for sale.

I wonder if Arnprior needs a blogged newspaper.



So I spent most of yesterday trying to fix a hard drive

Posted by Jim - February 13th, 2009

5:29 am, Friday, February 13th, 2009.

I figured it would take me an hour.

Something like 10 hours later I stumbled upstairs and conked out.

grumble, grumble…


New User Jim

Posted by Jim - February 12th, 2009

4:46 am, 12 February, 2009

Domino (the cat) is staring at me, looking me in the eye, then gazing toward his window perch, venturing a quiet, “marrowwww-” now and then, jumping to the floor and threatening to bite me on the leg if I ignore him.

Re: Canadiana

Jack Layton, head of the ‘NDP’ (new democrats party) was reaming Prime Minister Stephen Harper over the budget’s lack of vision and teeth, and Harper’s lack of ‘leadership’.

Don’t ask me what I think of the concept of ‘leadership’.

The prime minister, Stephen Harper of the conservative party still doesn’t look the camera in the eye and is threatening to bite me in the wallet if I ignore him.

I would much rather be shipwrecked with Domino than Stephen Harper. (Can I be shipwrecked with Cathi there, too?)


Voodoo Eco-gnomix?

Posted by admin - February 12th, 2009

February 12, 2009 (Charles McCauley’s Birthday (and my ex dentist’s in Stratford, CT, USA) )

Voodoo ecomomics?

I think all economics are smoke and mirrors- one more tool the would be power elite use to try to control everybody they want to be ‘under their control’.

Doreen Virtue said that Archangel Michael told her that if we ignored the forecasts and bought things as usual, the so-called crisis/recession would be over.

I believe that- I think.

Think positive thoughts and make the make believe recession go away…..


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I moved the mac mini back up from the dungeon

Posted by admin - February 12th, 2009

4:20 am, Thursday, February 12th, 2009.

It’s raining, they’re forcasting about 25 millimeters of rain here (that’s about an inch). It’s plus 5˚C, that’s about 42˚F. …..I’m getting good at transposing metric to reality?  Schnarr.

I should add a couple users. dj hasn’t sent me anything in a while. He’s probably depressed about the political state of things.

let me go look at the controls here….

—–Jim (custom character “°” possible if the degree sign doesn’t take.)

Don’t Know Whether the further modified header worked-

Posted by admin - February 11th, 2009

Let me see after I save this & check it out…


Hey, I finally got the theme changed-

Posted by admin - February 11th, 2009

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

It took me from November until today to get around to having my web host support team help me upload a couple new themes so I could like what I was looking at here.

This theme (Now, today) is business-style with a home made header.

Only problem is the “Logo” or name of this blog/wordpress adventure blends in too well with the header.

-eh, I’ll work on that later-

but for now-


& Thank you, Cheryl-