Brrrrr- New Year’s Eve / The year ahead?

Posted by admin - December 31st, 2008

Wednesday, Decembrrrrrrrrr 31st, 2008.

Last night on Coast to Coast AM, Art was in for George, taking his first of two nights’ predictions for 2009.

I got an extremely vivid flash of a lake in brillian sunlight, and ‘knew’ the lake was something new in the U.S., west of the Mississippi River, uh- somewhere between St Louis and Yakima? That’s all the look ahead I got so far.

Oh- funny thing- Jassper the dog (One and a half year old ‘puppy horse’ black Lab) was barking his head off yesterday evening, watching something on the ceiling.

Both Cathi and I saw lights on the ceiling- she didn’t know whether they were odd reflections from something or what??? I thought they were fuzzy orbs of some kind, giving off neat colours as they zoomed around the living room ceiling.

After verbally broadcasting our intention to allow only positive energies, entities and influences come anywhere near us, I tried meditating. I didn’t get any conscious communications or anything.

But Cathi and I had a spectacular night.

—–I have got to connect with Cheryl at black sun hosting and get another skin or two in here so I can have a blog I like looking at. —–


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