Brrrrr- New Year’s Eve / The year ahead?

Posted by admin - December 31st, 2008

Wednesday, Decembrrrrrrrrr 31st, 2008.

Last night on Coast to Coast AM, Art was in for George, taking his first of two nights’ predictions for 2009.

I got an extremely vivid flash of a lake in brillian sunlight, and ‘knew’ the lake was something new in the U.S., west of the Mississippi River, uh- somewhere between St Louis and Yakima? That’s all the look ahead I got so far.

Oh- funny thing- Jassper the dog (One and a half year old ‘puppy horse’ black Lab) was barking his head off yesterday evening, watching something on the ceiling.

Both Cathi and I saw lights on the ceiling- she didn’t know whether they were odd reflections from something or what??? I thought they were fuzzy orbs of some kind, giving off neat colours as they zoomed around the living room ceiling.

After verbally broadcasting our intention to allow only positive energies, entities and influences come anywhere near us, I tried meditating. I didn’t get any conscious communications or anything.

But Cathi and I had a spectacular night.

—–I have got to connect with Cheryl at black sun hosting and get another skin or two in here so I can have a blog I like looking at. —–


Uhhh— Waking up in the Twilight Zone

Posted by admin - December 30th, 2008

-Yeah, I thought I woke up in the twilight zone today.

Like maybe I was dead and had constructed a replica of the place I’d been living.

And populated this place with replicas of the cats and dog who’d been there.

But the people were gone. Cathi was gone. She hadn’t said a word.

I guessed she’d gone to pick up the kids, but I thought she would have

at least attempted to wake me up to go with her.

-Then I launched myself into a continuation of a story I’d started writing ages ago,

Where the main character never knows where he’ll wake up, & whether the people he lives with will be there with him (wherever) when he wakes up, and whether people long dead will be alive or living people will be long dead.

does that sound like a teevee series to you?

It sounds like a nuerosis to me


Stuff I’ve been meaning to write-

Posted by admin - December 5th, 2008

…But I haven’t had time to breathe lately…

Garbage Wars- (I survived garbage wars in Ithaca, New York, Now it looks like more might be starting up here in Canada.)

If I was writing for “Heroes” (imagination runs wild- mine turns up plot twists and, wouldn’t it be interesting if—)

Maybe I’ll get to these soon.


About the Coalition…

Posted by admin - December 4th, 2008

MySpace had an ad for itself on its log in page. In this ad, it had several options re: click here to let us know what you think of the possibility of a coalition government.

Highlighted at the top was Stephan Dione’s profile. the next line was S Harper’s profile. I forget what the 3rd link was, but the fourth link was something like, “voice your opposition to this coalition” and there was no link to anything like, “voice your opposition to the current government”.



News: Canada just might get a coalition government.

Posted by admin - December 1st, 2008

(This by a friend of mine (who just had a birthday November 16th-) )

The Prime Minister and his attack dogs are trying desperately to hang on to power.

The late late, over night news was reporting on CBC that the conservatives were trying to make it sound like a Watergate type issue.

They’re pointing their fingers and trying to make the pro-coalition people look like evil usurpers.

But face it- The Conservatives did not win their election. It’s a minority government. And they’re trying to push their agendae down the throats of the majority, who voted against them.

That, and I have some insider information that I can’t publish here without getting a bunch of good people in bad trouble, but, “Transparency in Government R us” is not what it’s cracked up to be.

The prime minister is a control freak, trying to clamp his steel gloves down on everybody.

But anyway, they were complaining loudly and pointing fingers saying they have evidence that the NDP and the Party Quebecois were talking about forming a co-alition government before the (over confident) Conservatives began trying to sneak their hot button issues into legislation they hoped nobody would read very closely…

And I was hoping, way back on election day, that the Liberals, NDP and Quebecois would form a co-alition government and tell the bleeping a-holes to crawl back into their bunkers and leave the rest of us the heck alone.

—–D.J. Otterson

Freezing Rain, Ice pellets and snow. (take your pick?)

Posted by admin - December 1st, 2008

We’re getting that now. eep.