So- It looks like Parallels Transporter is working

Posted by Jim - August 13th, 2009

-This is weird. I paid like a hundred and five Canadian dollars for Parallels desktop which allows you to run Windows on an Intel Mac. I had virtual PC before, but that doesn’t work on the mac. We tried to get Parallels to work with the operating system form Cathi’s laptop (she figured ‘Pro’ was more powerful than media center) We tried several times. it always gave us this error message, saying there wasn’t enough room on the destination disk, but we hadn’t told it there was a destination disk. It thought we should send and error message to microsoft. we told it what it could do with its error messages.

-I went to see my friend, (the one who told me about Parallels desktop to begin with, he uses it, he runs his business software on his iMac with it, so anyway-) & told him what was happening. I grumbled that I might have to shell out for a new windows disk and they weigh in at around one hundred and sixty Canadian bucks these days. He thought maybe something dumb happened when I installed the transporter agent on the computer to be transported into virtuality, and maybe I should uninstall and reinstall after having made danged sure the virus checking snarr was off. Yeah, that sounded like a possible plan.

-well, I haven’t gotten around to uninstalling and reinstalling (I mean, how much frustration can you volunteer yourself for in any one day…) And there I was, falling asleep at the keyboard when the computer we want to migrate ) the kids’ computer, the one with the media centre operating system, not the ‘pro’… made a funny noise, blacked out its screen and went to the sort of home page for my user profile over there? and there, sitting all by itself in the middle of the screen was an announcement, transporter agent was up and running, all by itself. there was another message down by their whatchamacallit line that said, “status changed”

-Woa- looked like angelic intervention to me (Michael the Archangel is supposed to specialize in making technological things work right. the last thing I said to him was, “Hey, I bet you get sick of people coming to you asking for help all the time.” I didn’t actually ask for anything, maybe he read my mind.

-or not-

but anyway migration is happening. looks like it might take all day, or even longer?

I think this began at like around 7:30 A.M. -It’s about 8:20 right now, there, 8:20, yup. and there’s maybe 5% of blue on the Progress line on the iMac…. Hmmmmmm-

I’ll let you know how long it takes, if I don’t pass out or something and totally miss the end time.

—Yawn, big happy smile-


Step Daughter growing up

Posted by Jim - August 12th, 2009

Erin signs while Cathi beams w/prideSaturday, 8 August, 2009

We drove to Pembroke to look at a room in a house with college students. The owner only got into being a landlord because he had so much trouble finding a place for his son to live while going to Algonquin College in Pembroke. I was impressed by the guy. He is either one of the world’s best con artists or he is very sincere.

My step daughter was also impressed (she’s been having a heckuva time trying to find a room up there, as soon as a room is posted at the college web site, it’s gone.) She did have a couple of qualms, but they seemed to be answered well. And in the photo to the left, she is signing the contract with her mum happily beaming over her daughter growing up in the background.




Posted by Jim - August 12th, 2009

The numbers lady told us all on Coast to Coast AM, about her affirmation to attract and keep abundance happening. I added to it.

“I pay my bills with ease and always have money to spare. I happily spend the money that God and the Universe have given me to make the lives of others easier and more pleasant.”

The guy who does the Dilbert cartoon says he wrote down his affirmations fifteen times a day.

I just wrote that one down (oh the first sentence is hers, the second is mine.) fifteen times. my arm hurts. I’ll have to do it sitting at a desk instead of at an awkward angle in the recliner.


Hot muggy day, I messed with the patio.

Posted by Jim - August 10th, 2009

Patio blocks near back porch-Monday, August 10, 2009.

-It was a hot and muggy day.

-The bulletin board at work was acting up.

-So of course I took one look at the patio blocks which were lying in disarray beside the back porch and thought -I need to sweat and see if I can’t give myself a heart attack-.

-I moved the blocks (they’re heavy, but not quite back breaking) and chopped at the dirt (hard clay) with a hoe and a steel rake, then put down crushed gravel and spread that out with the rake, then plopped the blocks back into place.

-I didn’t drop dead of a heart attack.

(we thought this was a good idea, since the puppy horse has decided that beside the porch there was a very good spot to start digging to China.)