Was Today Saturday?

Posted by Jim - July 26th, 2009

The Weir in twilightSaturday, July 25, 2009.

(The photo was taken between 8:30 and 9 pm.)

One strange thing that both Cathi and I have noticed lately…

Maybe it’s a symptom of the vibrational changes we’re going through, here on planet earth- or maybe it’s got something to do with the stress we’ve been under (whether planetary, ‘fate’, something in the collective consciousness, something intensely personal and intensely spiritual… or what-) but colours seem to be more vibrant, like the colour saturation in ‘reality’ has been tuned up a few notches. … Hmmm…

((It doesn’t come across that well in this photo here, but before I reduced the size of the photo to make it a bit more web-friendly, the colour saturation in the piece of wood (bottom left) appeared to be heightened. This is how the photo downloaded from the SD Card that lives in that camera.))

This is the same photo (right) after clicking on “Adjust Levels” in Photo Shop. I think the heightened sense of colour saturation shows up here a lot more strongly. Same photo, adjusted for 'levels'

I better write a bunch of stuff here to raise the picture, keep it from leaking into the next message down…

(odd, the stuff I was writing wanted to push the photo farther down, I had to click on the photo and tell it I wanted the text here to begin to the right of the photo… which is not where I wanted it…)

Okay, so let’s see how this looks now…

yeah, not bad, thanks….

Catchya next time…


Coast to Coast Ayem (A.M.)

Posted by Jim - July 25th, 2009

July 24, 2009.

Coast to Coast AM (for the un-initiated) is a nightly radio program that deals with a lot of ‘fringe’ subjects and is just a likely to air interviews with someone claiming to be a witch as a hard core scientist sharing his or her fascination with quantum physics and string theory.

One of their ‘neatest’ programmes last week featured a linguist who wrote a heavy duty computer programme to monitor key words and detect subtle changes in language used on several (quite a few, quite a ‘large’ few) sites he has his ‘web bots’ monitor.

His findings have been uncanny. His premis is that we’re all ‘physic’ and many of us have no idea that we are. But anyway, he and his partner (His partner is more interested in financial forecasts and stuff like that) were on and talking aobut what they expect will happen in the near future (and it isn’t pretty) But anyway- one of their more humourous (at least I thought it was darkly funny) included quite a few people who consider themselves the “Illuminati”, believe they have a perfect right to run this world as if it was their private little fantasy kingdom, will begin to disappear; like, one second they’re here, the next they’re gone, gone completely, footprints in the sand or snow just stop. This will happen even when the disappearing ones are surrounded by their ‘peers’. This is supposed to scare the livin cement out of the rest of them. (about time, hey?)

I don’t know where to keep my pile of grains of sand, but I’ll be passing them out- and hey, is anybody taking odds?

And what do we do if we find out that this is really happening?



Half Past July-

Posted by Jim - July 24th, 2009

In the last week I spent way too much time trying to coax hard drives that went invisible on me to re-emerge into this dimension, this reality. (There’s a setting in mac control panel land that you sure as bleep better uncheck as soon as you fire up a new version of your operating system “Put hard drives to sleep whenever possible.” NO NO NOoooooo! under no circumstances should you ever consider such a thing- if you let your hard drive go to sleep, you’ll never see it again.)

After dealing with a mild, but persistant flu (be it real or imagined?) for the couple weeks before the computer schnarr, my nervous system is inside out, and I’m ready to rip the head off anybody who even thinks about disturbing me with anything, no matter how significant or otherwise-ish. I’ve been way over tired, beyond exhausted, and almost unable to get to sleep.

And the web bots guys who were interviewed on coast to coast ayem the other night say it’s only gonna get worse.

Funny thing, though- colour saturation in the real world seems to have tuned itself up a notch or ten. Stuff in the orange to brown spectrum seems to be jumping at me, smiling and thanking me for paying attention-

I have way more to write about, but my head will hit the keyboard any second now, if I don’t let it find a place to at least attempt to rest.

— Hang in there- remember, be nice to humans, God isn’t finished with them, yet-