It Was Erin’s day to shine.

Posted by Jim - June 24th, 2009

Alex And Erin at their graduationWednesday, June 24, 2009… Ottawa, Ontario, Canada-

Erin (Eirye) Graduated from Colonel By Secondary School today.

We have a slew of pictures.

She really did shine today.

And nothing negative could come close to hijacking her spotlight.

— yay, rah rah, Eirye!

-The photo to the right, while it is not a very good photo of Alex (Erin’s B.F.) It does capture Erin’s glowing happiness. ((Does she look like she’s becoming Greek? (((Alex’s influence?))) – ))


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Posted by Jim - June 18th, 2009

After working my tail off all week I got a bit of sleep today.

Then, needing more sleep, but not being able to fall asleep easily, I decided to meditate. I did meditate, through pain and aches, and felt like I connected with Masters who were willing to answer a few questions. (My prayer “help!” met with, “What do you believe your priorities are?” …1, posture and health so I can meditate without pain and actually get somewhere. 2, I need to clear through a few spititual blocks. 3. I need some more income- (Right now I can’t remember everything that went through my mind)

-I felt like I lost contact with the Master or Guardian Angel, or whatever, who I was communicating with and thought that one of the ‘Help” requests would be “I’d like to keep the Divine two way conversation lines open-” and received the immediate answer, “You are always connected.” ((Yeah, but I can’t always feel it so clearly, and I’d really like to know Who I’m connected with. I’d like my Truth detector to be fine tuned, I want to know I’m not deceiving myself, I want to know how best to please God. I want to know what my options are…)) ((Immediate anser? “Your requests are reasonable.” Silly me, I asked, “Should I take a number? How long is the prayer fulfillment queue ahead of me?” (((I’mlucky God has a sense of humour.)))

–Iwent on to meditate some more (almost an hour and a half in total) and for one interesting moment, I got a glimpse of what I believe must be an alien, being of light, the way he or she appears, not the way we imagine they should appear. I was drifting off into wondering about my higher self, and then I got this glimpse. Probably not me- but I don’t know for sure. very long thin tubular neck and a nearly spherical head. I think this was a female with something like hair in a kind of pony tail on the top of her head. Her skin was almost pure white with a subtle yellow tint. Since I saw this being, I wondered if what I’d seen might have been a statue, but no, when I concentrate, I can feel the intelligence and the emotional warmth coming from her. And, of course, it could be an angel pulling my leg and disguising herself as something I can focus on, to get a quick direct line- like instead of a phone number, she’s got a “focus on this image to get through to me” method of contact?

-Anyway, this is interesting. And I got just enough energy so I’m thinking I’ll be kicking myself later, exhausted at work and then again, too energized to sleep. Let’s hope this does not become self fulfilling snarr-


June 7, 2009 (((Sunday)))

Posted by Jim - June 7th, 2009

“All politicians know that the way they get themselves elected by taking money from minorities and giving it to [voting] majorities.” (That was a guest on Coast to Coast AM last week, wish I remember who it was….)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Posted by Jim - June 6th, 2009

The dog just “booof” ed on the back porch.

I’m staring at a world that keeps demanding stuff from me

And dismissing every effort I offer

to try to make it a  better place for everyone involved

I just wrote in a venting page

“If nothing I could ever imagine

could possibly be good enough for you

Why would I ever bother trying?”

And the dog is still boofing on the porch

And I can’t see anything I can propose to make anything any more liveable

That could meet with anybody’s approval.

And laying down and dying just isn’t an option.

So I’ll write this down and let the dog in.

And see if it’s at all possible

to go back to sleep. (10:19 AM)

—–“Truth Seeker Indigo”

Blehhhhhh- Maybe it’s been a virus?

Posted by Jim - June 5th, 2009

Jim Getting a Healing-Um, let’s see- a hard drive died on me. (second one this spring?)

-Last Saturday we went to  the Body, Mind and Soul Health Show in Pembroke, (Ontario) When we left there I was more relaxed than I have been in quite a while. (That’s me on the table, with an old Atlantian Buddy (Gordon Olmstead) connecting me with my higher self.

-Funny thing- As Gordon began, I felt myself being tapped on my right shoulder- I mentioned that, he said it wasn’t him, might have been ‘one of my angels’. (Gordon had both hands on my head at the time) and then I was tapped on the left shoulder. I mentioned that and he said it wasn’t him… Hmmmmm-

-When he said I was connecting with my higher self I ‘saw’ a UFO emerging from behind a very white cloud. The UFO had Gold (coloured) trim and changed colours from deep emerald green to light blue, to light greenish blue… And I was pretty sure my higher self told me he was hanging out with the Andromedans lately, keeping  his human form, partly because of the progress we made in this life here, (the one I’m living now?) {{ I’m taking this with quite a bundle of grains of salt, hoping to be able to verify or check that somehow…}} {{{ But anyway- I got up from the table feeling verrrrry relaxed and more comfortable than I’ve been in a long time. }}}

-Besides Gordon, I also tried a Spiritual Vortex Healing. Glen J Vance, the healer, asked me to pray or affirm that any darkness that he pulled out or light that he called and sent into me would be painless and appropriate. (Something like that.) I felt a reassurance tell me to “Trust” what was about to happen as Glen started.

– In the couple days that followed, I felt a bit hyper sensitive emotionally, and then a virus hit me- not a very intense one, gave me a runny nose and a mild sensation of nausea, on and off. I was healthy enough to go to work and stuff, and the really weird thing was, it seemed like when I tried to lie down and  get some rest, the nausea would set in a little more strongly than when I was up and working.