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Posted by Jim - March 23rd, 2009

Arnprior's Mayor on the cover of the "City" section Monday, March 23, 2009.

-8˚C/+18˚F @ 3:11 AM


Continuing with Sunday: On a more pleasant note, I did finally get through to my friend in Vermont who had a birthday on March 5th. We did some heavy duty catching up. Her son is in Thailand and just got his visa extended to stay there a little longer. Her daughter is in New York City, working as a private secretary to a celebrity you’ve probably heard of, {but I’m not about to name drop here}. One fun thing about talking to my friend was learning that her mother listens to coast to coast a.m. and reports back about aliens and government conspiracies etc. My friend sounded  quite astonished about that.

And… the photo here is of Mayor Terry Gibeau {{“Jee-Boe”} of Arnprior, who has been interviewed by area media and been on radio, teevee and in the newspapers (This is the Ottawa Citizen again) recently, complaining about the high profile process of the Canadian Federal Government bragging about how many millions they are pumping into ‘Shovel Ready’ projects to stimulate the economy, But this government(*) is a whole lot better at bragging than actually coming through and ‘putting their money where their mouth is’. They found a technicality to skip over Arnprior in their highly visible, “Look what we’re doing for you!” campaign. Then they reported back to the local town government that there still is a bunch of money in this programme and if we play nice, we might even get some… {{ (*) and when a Canadian says, “This government” they refer to the last prime minister elected and his or her cabinet and all the ‘ministers’ who would be called ‘Secretaries’ in the states. {{so instead of the Secretary of Labor, up here they would call that person the “Minister of Labour” and they are still mystified about what “Americans” do with all their “u”s, I tell them they use them all up shouting “USA-number One, USA Number One…” ad nauseum without stopping  to thing about what they  are number one in or at. ((Heaven help them if they find out…)) }}

So, there is nonsense afoot. There is always nonsense afoot in the world of politiks…. but I got to talk to my friend on the phone, and we saw other friends earlier, and the news filtering in through sources like “Coast to Coast AM” (‘google it’….) and more direct communication with the forces of light, who are here, have always been here, only needed us to yell “Help!” a couple times… (you should do that often… think about Archangels and Saints and all sorts of other good guys from ‘up there’ or ‘beyond’ or wherever they’re waiting, and think, “We could sure use your help…” yup.



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