Saturday Morning, 8 o’clock.

Posted by Jim - March 14th, 2009

Me on a web cam ten minutes ago.(Sounds like A Simon and Garfunkle Album Title)

Saturday, March 14, 2009. (“Pi” day, an officially recognized unofficial holiday in ‘the States’) (being as close as a date can get to the value of Pi) (and we don’t mean lemon meringue) It might also be Dana Delaney’s birthday too, she’s right around now, the 13th or 14th. My friend Larry’s the 12th and so is a friend’s daughter (Chelsea) and James Taylor’s and Barbara Feldon’s. I’m thinking if most people have something like 640 megs of memory, either I got 650, or maybe I allocated the blocks a lot differently so I can remember a lotta things that don’t matter to most people. So a lot of people’s birthdays are stuck in my memory, you don’t have to be famous for me to remember you.)

-7˚C/+19˚F at 7:59 am.

I sent my first submission/article to Triond about ten minutes ago. I signed up last May. I guess maybe it takes me a while to warm up to an idea, huh?

Jassper looking cute, but spoiling it.& except for the tongue, I thought this was an amazing photo of Jassper, the puppy horse. (on the back porch, looking uncharacteristically intelligent and sensitive.

I’ve been driving around with my camera, hopping to capture some optimistically hopeful first photos of spring in Arnprior, here- instead taking more photographs of pets and then fiddling around with my web cam, trying to capture the ‘real me’. (should I laugh derisively about that?)

I have a real good cropped shot of Jassper’s eyes staring at me as I typt this in the composing window of Word Press here.

&& I think I found the password for the other WordPress account, the one that’s hosted on WordPress’ site. (and is free 🙂 )

(woke up before with a headache. allergies or sleeping funny or both.)

The sun is shining and the neighbours (across the church parking lot and the road over there to my left) have their solar powered walkway lights just barely peeking above the snow pile these days.

Winter is receding into our memories again. brrrrrrrrrrrr- may it take all memory of the words ‘recession’ depression and panic with it.



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