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Posted by Jim - March 8th, 2009

Our Garage On a Grey Day in March

Sunday, March 8, 20009.

+1˚C/+34˚F @ 4:49 am.

This is probably the first of several current photos that I will post here in this blog.

Our “Four Car Garage”, photo taken yesterday, a grey day, with snow and wet asphalt apparent.

We probably got this house at a ‘reduced price’ because the real estate people listed it as a “Handy Man’s Dream”, mostly because of the garage workshop area where the previous owner supplimented his income by working on people’s cars. Potential buyers probably read that and thought the house was a Handy Man’s Special / Basket Case.

Looking up at the inside ceiling 2nd floor of the GarageI took these photos before we went to the local builders’ supply place in town to show the guy what we’re thinking of doing and get as good an idea as we could about what we would need and how much it would cost.

We want to insulate and finish the second story here, which is currently wide open, unfinished, you can see the underside of the steel roof.

We’re thinking this would be a wonderful place for Cathi to have an artist’s studio and we could also have office space where I could be writing, doing radio stuff, recording video… doing lots of stuff….

I mean it looks like pure potential.


Let’s see how this looks, and see if I have to write another couple paragraphs to make it look right, or not.


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