Daylight Savings Time.

Posted by Jim - March 8th, 2009

Eastern Corner of our Living Room-I’ll have to go into the studio today and make sure all the clocks on all the computers are set correctly.

-But here is the Eastern Corner of our living room. The house is situated so the corners point to the compass points.

This was a couple hours ago. Cathi was half watching a movie from India about a royal love triangle and had just announced, “I’m watching a silly movie from India, it must be way past time to go to bed.” (She was also working on computer stuff on her laptop. We have at least half a dozen projects going on at once, including getting a dvd ready for a friend, editing a radio interview with Geneve Blue (who wrote “I Ching Jukebox”, a novel) several web pages, a couple custom graphics for web pages… and income tax returns (which seem to be much more complicated up here in Canada than anything I had to deal with in the states.) )

Painting (by Cathi) of Cathi's cat,

Paintings on the walls. the one to the left is a numbered Robert Bateman print. There’s too much glare to tell, but the subject is a spotted leopard reclining. We have a spotted and striped Bengal cat (newish breed, crossbred from asian leopard cats and domestic tabbies, their import was illegal in Connecticut last time I heard, because they thought they were a wild breed, cat sized cats, nothing like a tiger or cheetah or other exotic cat, but-) anyway, Cathi saw the print in a commercial gallery in a big shopping centre in Ottawa and had to get it. (Domino, whose birthday is March 4th, is a worrier, he worries about everything, he wanders around at night calling out to other cats that we can’t see in a trilling voice, sounding like “Moe- Moe- Merrrrrrrrroe! Merrrrrroe!” he is quite ambivalent about letting us pet him, he gets so happy he falls off the edges of whatever furniture he’s sitting on and then he has trouble coping with the fact that he’s been clumbsy in front of humans (which every cat knows, are members of an inferior race of quasi sentient beings.) He spends a lot of time running away and hiding.

The painting to the right is one Cathi painted, “Bo” was a white long haired cat, an instigator, ring leader, and trouble maker, who weighed in at 32 pounds (which is huge for a cat). That makes him twice as big as Moe, our own orange instigator (who loves waiting until I’m almost asleep on the couch or in the recliner, then running across the room and jumping about five feet through the air to land on my poor unsuspecting belly. I’m thinking he secretly keeps track, giving himself a score that he calculates, based on how high I jump and how loudly I gasp.)

Another interesting thing in the top photo in this article/post- The Native American/First Nation drum, hanging from the light switch of the old old light fixture in the corner there, often thumps on it’s own. Cathi and I are pretty sure the thumping is caused by our ancestors and friends and guardian angels who have crossed over, announcing their presence, asking if it’s okay if they pay us a visit.



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