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Posted by Jim - March 3rd, 2009

book cover(Edited at 8:12 PM) Here’s the book I mentioned in the previous post.

Not only did an Exxon Executive tell a room full of Exxon Supervisors and an honorary officer (in the form of a Chaplain, who was working for free, as a missionary, looking after the souls of men away from home, working on the
Alaskan pipeline, keeping the men out of trouble, sober and on the job, cutting down on absentee-ism, hangovers and all that) “There is no oil shortage, there never was an oil shortage, And with what we know now, there never will be an oil shortage.” {{-There’s enough oil under Gull Island (Alaska) to keep them all in hefty bonuses for as far ahead as I can see…}} He told them they were pumping enough natural gas back into the ground to light and power the whole east coast (of the USA) for free- for 3 years.

Now, this winter, I learned that the price of gasoline rises and falls, not due to supply and demand, or the cost of getting the slime up out of the ground and to the refineries and refined and carted to where-ever. The prices are set by the geeks you elected to represent you in Congress or Parliament- or in backrooms and shadowy nether worlds by those who pull the strings that control those geeks you thought were representing you… Prices rise to bolster the Russian economy or fall to undermine the Soviets’ ability to put down velvet revolutions or even challenge East Berlinners who want to push down their gawd awful walls…. Prices are agreed upon by world players… The Chinese agree to help the US undermine the Russians- The Russians agree to help the US undermine the Chinese… whatever….

So today our coffee maker died. Is there anybody out there who thinks it’s worse than hideous that the whole culture goes nod nod wink wink or maybe even endorses planned obsolescence?


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