Friday- A nice Warm Spring day in Arnprior

Posted by Jim - April 17th, 2009

Weir River Path...Friday, April 17, 2009

+17˚C/+63˚F in the afternoon.

Let me think- We had an unusual day.

The boy had a doctor’s appointment early and then went to school.

I got paid by my second (in fact of time, first) job and had to cash cheque (in Canada we have cheques, in the U.S. they’re checks) in order to get boy and Mom out of drug store with prescription.

Cathi and I had brunch in an unusual (for us) spot after she got the boy to the school.

When we got home we found two notices that ups had tried to deliver something we’ve been looking for. the first notice said they might try today between 10 and 2 andbetween 2 and 5 pm.

So Cathi got the boy from School. Then took boy to Dad’s and traded him for young woman while I sat here and vegged out in the hopes that UPS might actually make another attempt to deliver. Nope.

But when Cathi and young woman got here we needed a Dairy Queen run and sat almost where the above photo was shot from and watched the river and the weir and the world do their magic while we chomped on ice cream and stuff like that there.


I still think the ‘financial crisis’ is a propaganda campaign, and I still believe the (conservative) Canadian *Government is trying to take advantage of public confusion to try to push through some very schnarr reforms that are on their very schnarr agendae and are not at all in the public interest. {{ (In Canada, “*Government” often refers to the current batch of (fairly recently elected) Members of Parliament, the Prime Minister and the appointed ‘Ministers’ (Senators are still ((as far as we know)) appointed for life up here.) as opposed to the form of government (fer example ‘representative democracy’/’republic’/whathaveyou-) ) }} But then again-

-grumble grumble grumble,


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