Saturday couple raindrops scared the dog….

Posted by Jim - April 18th, 2009

Flower ShootsSatyrday, April 18, 2009. I think it’s Hayley Mills’ birthday.

Warm enough, but a few scattered raindrops this morning had the dog yelping and crying to come back inside. (whimp) 🙂

ahhhhh- I spent most of the day messing with and tweaking web pages for the Indigo Starcrystal Radio site. (Not quite ready to go ‘live’ yet.)

Including getting a word press site hosted by word press dot com to post the podcasts and links and stuff.

I have itchy eyebulbs (allergies) and the dog is scarily quiet at the moment. I should go check on him.

But anyway-

It was a decent, if grey, day with patches of hopeful sunshine and bits of promising rain.