Posted by Jim - April 29th, 2009

Stage before the festivitiesWednesday, April 29th, 2009. (Can’t think of anybody with a birthday today.)

I drove to Chelsea, Quebec, up near Wakefield, where Peter Jennings came from, to pick up an older Mac computer I bought through Kijiji dot com / Ottawa…. something I need to run software I’ve got that won’t run on newer computers., but is valuable enough so I’d rather spend a hundred & something bucks for an older computer than a couple thousand that I’d need to get the latest version that would need a whole lot of schnarr new hardware to go with it… grumble grumble grumble.

We have no idea what the high chair is doing here on the stage while we were setting up equipment (this is still the day before the telethon. (yawn… I’m still exhausted just thinkin about it.)