Monday, Easter Monday- All weekends should have 4 days-

Posted by Jim - April 13th, 2009

Madawaska River Looking North, that's Quebec in the distance.Monday- Easter Monday (A Holiday in Canada) April 13, 2009.

I think it got up around +4˚C/+40˚F today.

I woke up in a panic, thinking today was Sunday and I had played the wrong programmes on the wrong day. When I could laugh about that I checked my bank account on line and learned I had something like 76 cents (Canadian $) in my chequing account. (Canadians spell ‘cheque’ differently)

But, All weekends should be at least 4 days long.  🙂 and this one was, sort of. Both Cathi and I had or part-est of part time jobs to do this weekend. She grumbles about needing this part time work, but it saved our necks or skins or both last winter.

The photo is the Madawaska River, looking North over the Weir, toward Quebec. Parts of Arnprior jut out into the river from both sides, so Quebec is the discoloured haze beyond and/or above the trees in the center of the photo.

The Church is St John Chrystostum (there are a couple variations on the spelling) Roman Catholic Church. We recorded a, then 92 year old, local builder who described building the shell of this church around the smaller, older church and then deconstructing and passing the stones and bricks and wood of the old church out through the windows of the new church.

Today Cathi and I went to Fitzroy Harbour to look at an old Post Office for sale. Amazing house, built around 1880?, looks like the owners who obviously loved it, gave up trying to fix several things. The real estate woman said the owner moved ‘out west’, and would be understanding if anybody interested in buying the place needed to take some time to sell a house first, no rush… & Yes, the house has a lot of features we lack here, but it is not quite perfect for what we need, but we don’t expect that anything ever will be perfect. Still, something would have to fall into our laps or otherwise catch our attention for us to commit to that house right now, or in the soon enough future. I took some photos and will probably have one or two to ‘post’ here, but not right now. It’s 5 am and I’d have to wake up Cathi to down load the photos and all that intrusive stuff.

& I better go, the boy wants to get up at 6:30? He was wandering around at 12:30 wide awake and complaining he couldn’t sleep.

Cathi’s alarm starts singing to us around now. but she’s been falling back to sleep lately and I have to stay awake long enough to make sure she gets up and off to work.

— Later….