Thursday, Long weekend coming-

Posted by Jim - April 9th, 2009

Early Spring In Arnprior....b?Thursday, April 9, 2009. Irene Adzima’s Birthday.

0˚C/32˚F @ 8 am in Arnprior.

Exhausted- I’m stumbling around in a daze.

What I’m dealing with is- What Should I concentrate on right now? Should I go with setting up an internet radio station first or try to work on developing a role playing game that may or may not bring in an income that may start out as a trickle and gain momentum? Both tracks are aimed at aiding the Spiritual Evolution of the Human Race.

We took the boy to his father’s for the Holiday Weekend, got stuck in traffic and went to Rob’s surprise birthday party on the way home.

-RE: Plans for the future- Rob’s daughter in England and a Movie producer in Lost Angeles have both commented on the interview Rob and I recorded and which is available at : (and both comments were positive).

-RE: Canadian Politics. I’m hearing loads of people exclaiming, “What a [fupping] idiot-!” when the latest news about the prime minister’s comments on just about anything airs on the radio.

-RE: Communicating with friends… I sent a dvd and short letter to my friends in Vermont (finally). Now I only have a couple dozen more to catch up with…

I should probably quit while I’m ahead, or at least: while I’m still suffering with the delusion that I’m ahead.

Photo: There are a lot of black squirrels up here. This one is pretty near the beach that is part of Robert Simpson Park. (I do not believe that Robert is related to Bart…) 😉