Tuesday, 4-14-2009

Posted by Jim - April 14th, 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009. Lemme think- Scott Parlett’s B’day, and Karen D, (Sharon M-Zak’s Wife’s roommate)’s. Anniv or Lincoln getting shot in Washington D.C. and the Titanic sinking in the Atlantic.)

Easter Morning again.

A high temp of 11˚C/52˚F was forecast, I think it reached 13˚C/56˚F.

Photo was taken Easter Morning from the sidewalk above the Weir looking North West.

The day was odd. My supervisor didn’t come down for his usual afternoon visit, he came at 7 p.m.

& This time I remembered most of what we talked about and was able to send him email messages full of the things he wanted to be reminded of.

Still haven’t downloaded photos of the house we looked at in Fitzroy Harbour.