Monday, & I’m having Hard Drive Problems.

Posted by Jim - April 6th, 2009

Arnprior Spring Time, I think this is the MuseumYup-

Monday, April 6, 2009. Frank Whatsisname, Donna Whatsername, Pat Somethingorother Kanter, and Dangerous Dick Chaffee’s Birthday. (all Post Office People)

0˚C/+33˚F @ 2:34:56 a.m. in Arnprior.

Photo is the Arnprior & District Museum (née Post Office & Customs House) The building was one of many designed by Thomas Fuller, who also designed the first Parliament Buildings. The building is also Arnprior’s Trademark, more or less, and is on many postcards and almost anything that advertises Arnprior.

Sigh, Yup, and I have been dealing with a hard drive which is in the throws of a near death experience here. Eep. It’s the drive that has been the most reliable for nearly five years now… oh no- and has all kinds of information that can’t be replaced, including an interview with Author Geneve Bleu-oh no—– the hard drive went to sleep and won’t wake up.

So, I’ve sent out a plea for help to Michael the Archangel, who is supposed to be good at things like this. “Help!”