Posted by Jim - April 19th, 2009

Willow Buds in our front yardSunday, April 19, 2009. I think it might be Billy Randal’s Birthday, & maybe another friend in Stratford’s- (right now I can only remember his last name & that he married my friend Pamm from the postt office… Marriage didn’t last forever… but… he was a good friend. Still might be, if I remember his name and ever get in touch with him.)

+9˚C/+48˚F @ 2:12 pm in Arnprior.

I forget what kind of willow tree we have in our front garden here, but it’s not a pussy willow, even if it looks like one.

I got locked out while snapping a couple photos around the house a while ago. Cathi and the young woman went to the movies to see “17 Again” (?) locked me out while I was stalking blog photos. I did have the van keys in my pocket- (I was outside in fleece pants, not the ones with the house keys clipped to the belt… didn’t have my glasses or wallet or — eep, I couldda got in trouble, hey? But I got to the theatre just before they crossed the road and yelled, “What???” {{ “Ya locked me out!” / “Are you serious??” / “Yup!” / “Don’t you have your keys with you?” / “Nope” }} at least they had a good natured laugh- I did get weird looks from people walking by.

TV Weather ForecastThis is what the Weather Network’s local weather forecast screen looks like.

With a yogurt ad in the upper left corner.

And of course the temperature is in ˚Celcius.

& the 20 is for twenty years of Weather Network, not channel 20. (It’s on channel 21 here.)

Which brings me to today’s work nonsense-

In order to show the “Cold Water Boot Camp” programme. I have to be in and out like all afternoon. Have to switch programmes into alternate dvd players because the church service has been playing in player #1, which has the hard drive, in which the ‘Boot  Camp’ programme resides. And ya can’t tell the players to switch from dvd player to hard drive by remote. So anyway I have to put church service in player #2, start it early, switch to it in progress, have already told player #1 to concentrate on hard drive, not dvd player, and be ready to start playing at 7 pm (with a 3 second delay) and make sure the church service stops and ‘rewinds’ ((we know it doesn’t actually rewind, it’s a dvd player fer cryin out loud, but it needs 3 ‘rewind’ commands to shake all the cobwebs out of it’s electronic brain and be ready to play again at 8 pm.)) & If that’snot complicated enough- There might be a new church service with a new running time to figure into the mix here… Time to insert finger between lips and run it up and down several times in rapid succession….

Are all my parenthetical messages closed? )))))))))) That should cover it….