Tuesday, Snowy April, 2009

Posted by Jim - April 7th, 2009

Life guard seat, April 6, 20009Tuesday, April 7, 2009. Aunt Claudia’s Birthday (& Janis Ian’s, too)

-5˚C/+22˚F @ 8:30 am in Arnprior.

Let me publish, then edit this, see how it turns out.

(( It worked, it’s actually a bit past midnight. I was exhausted earlier and connked out big time- So it’s 12:42 am right now, (I ate something and used the washroom and stuff like that. I’m off to work- ))

The photo was taken monday down at the beach, one of two in town. you may be able to recognize the Life Guard’s seat along the left border. I chose this photo because I think you see the whipping snow against the brown trees. This is Cathi’s Birthday snowstorm. “It always snows around my birthday!” (April 3rd…) (weather people expected it to change to rain, nope. we only got 3 centimeters of snow in March and may out do that in the first week of April.)