Saturday, April 4th, 2009. (Dawn’s Birthday! yay!!!! :) )

Posted by Jim - April 4th, 2009

Saturday, April 4, 2009, Jeeeze. I think Dawn turned 30 today. eeep. a young woman I had a big crush on in junior high school turned 60. o my goodness… not possible– nope.Video Camera at the Deifenbunker.

+2หšC/+36หšF & raining at 8:00 pm.

(This photo is a closeup of another one of the video cameras suspended from the cieling in the same room where the previous photo was taken. The photo below is a map with projected fallout patterns determined by prevailing winds. It looked like my section of Connecticut might have been almost okay- if New York City was nuked- unless the winds were wrong… eeep?)

I wanted to call Dawn & wish her an Appah Hoopie today. –Day’s not quite over yet… but

We slept late. I woke up hurting with muscle pain in my right elbow, sat with a heat pack for an hour or so, felt a little better, then helped Cathi by carrying laundry down two flights of stairs and brought the pain right back, Schnarr-

Fallout Patterns projected by prevailing winds.

We went and looked at an open house in Fitzroy Harbour- sort of the next town east of here? Part of ‘Greater Ottawa’. Nice house. Pretty nice Real Estate Agent, too. She called a little while after we got home to say that somebody had put in an offer on that house, and wanted to know if we wanted to put in a bid ourselves- and When Cathi said we probably couldn’t outbid anybody, she (the real estate agent) asked what we were looking for, Cathi said, ‘a house with character and a little bit of land’. ‘Oh,’ said the real estate agent, “I’m going to look at one of those right now- wanna ome along?” and we couldn’t, but she’ll send us a link to the M.L.S. listing. (Cool ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Aprรจs le Open House we went into Kanata and got Cathi a birthday present or two.

And when we got home, I felt lousy, and bombed out at trying to figure out how to transfer photos from may cell phone to the computer here, but with a lot of patience and help from Cathi, we got it done, I think. The photos are living proof- if they’re still there. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sigh. I tried to further organize my corner of the living room downstairs, met with frustration, might have actually gotten something done….

And here it is, 9:47 pm.

I should very carefully eat something and see what kind of shape my stomach is in… Schnarr….


Friday, Cathi’s Birthday, April 3, 2009 :)

Posted by Jim - April 4th, 2009

Tour Guide at the Friday, April 3, 2009. Cathi’s Birthday. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

Monsoon Rains were forecast. It was rainy.

We had “lucked out”, Cathi heard about a free screening of the movie “Passchendaele” at the “Deifenbunker”. She called and got the last two tickets.

After the movie we took a quick tour. The man in the photo with his left hand raised was out tour guide.

The “Deifenbunker” was a cold war era bunker built to keep the Canadian Government alive and functioning in the event of a nuclear attack on Ottawa.

I forget exactly which room this is, but it was a nerve centre for communications and keeping track of what was happening where. You can see one of the video cameras mounted on the cieling in the upper left of the photo.

The movie was quite good. It’s up for an award, called the “Genies” which I think were awarded tonight (it’s the 4th, I’m a day late & a couple dollars short… as usual)

But anyway. Happy Birthday Cathi! yayyyyyy!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~