Posted by Jim - May 2nd, 2009

In the heat of thingsSaturday, May 2nd, 2009. I think Barbara Dickinson said today is her father’s birthday. I could be wrong.

It was a glarious day today, 11 degrees Celcius when I first stepped outside. I tried to get stuff done, i think I might even have accomplished a thing or two, in weird stages, one step forward two steps to the side, one back? two forward….? Computers are such tempermental creatures… Schnarr…..

And this photo was taken during the heat of things on the floor at the telethon. The two guys on the left are the ‘Talent’, I have no idea who they are or what their claim to fame originally was, but they come in with high energy and they joke back and forth with each other and they’re the closers, they come in and people reach deeper into their pockets and magical sums appear on the wall behind them, I think they doubled the amount of money that had been pledged in the first six hours and did that in the last two hours.

(Yawn) I’m still feeling the burn… I squatted down to pick up a cable when we were about to move up the floor (there are like four sets and the stage, and I was pretty much on the camera that moved the farthest all day, with ten minute breaks here and there, with a new guy who only learned to handle a camera like thes maybe two weeks ago. We swapped off, when he was controlling the camera, I was keeping his cables from getting tangled, and when I was the camera person he was watching the cables.

& Just yesterday I was thinking it might be fun to come up with a silly soap opera about people who volunteer for cable teevee.



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