Wednesday, Cuzzin Joe’s Birthday.

Posted by Jim - May 6th, 2009

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009.

Cuzzin Joe’s Birthday (Lori’s Husband)

Finished editing the monday night meeting, went into momentary panic thinking the boy, who is seeing his behavour coach after school on wednesdays, would have a melt down over needing to get into the house and get some money for something he gets into his head that he can’t live without. (and he will disrupt anything to let you know he is not going to be happy or let you live in peace if he doesn’t get it.) (he doesn’t neccessarily get his way this way with me, but Cathi will tell me I’m just being mean and give in to him. (One person’s “Tough love” is another person’s”That’s just being mean.”) Oh- I was in the studio when boy might have needed to break into house and get some money for whatever. They didn’t come banging on studio door. I guess things went okay.

Then we picked the boy up at the lake (his coach’s place) and had a nice talk with her new guy. (he’s a really nice guy. Cathi, boy, coach and coach’s spouse are all life path “7”s. hmmmmm-

I don’t know, I just might survive this week. And just when I think it’s almost more than I can take, Cathi complains that I don’t have to get up at 5 and drive into Ottawa and put up with contracting for 9 hours and then drive home for another hour and have to face our part time job for another hour and…. oh never mind.