Saturday, 5/9/2009

Posted by Jim - May 9th, 2009

Museum Under Cloudy SkySaturday, May 9th, 2009. (Uncle Ed ((Conroy))’s Birthday.)

Started out cloudy, rained later.

It’s “Swap Day” in Arnprior, Cathi didn’t get up early enough to put anything out at the curb, (Or help me do it, or tell me what to put out there…) She wanted to put the old stove out there.

I grabbed a wooden table and two chairs from one place, an old Singer ‘portable’ sewing machine in a curved wooden carrying case for cathi and a bicycle that will probably replace the one that Cathi is using here now. I’m trying to remember whether I grabbed anything else. Don’t think so.

Erin was accepted at Algonquin College’s Nursing programme. She’s got to upgrade her CPR certification.

We went to “East Side Mario’s” for Dinner to celebrate. (I got the hiccups, probably from the ice cream).

Went to sleep after dinner, dreamed I visited Glenn. One of his friends wanted to give me a beer, I told him I can’t drink beer (or anything with bubbles) the guy looked at me like he doubted my sanity.

—Oh, in a dream last week, Uncle Tom told me one of his students has a video of him teaching a class in High School (or middle school? Probably high school.)

-The photo is from almost the same angle as yesterday’s, with a whole lot more sky above the Museum.