Posted by Jim - May 1st, 2009

During the telethon...Friday, May 1, 2009. Rosalie S, Sharon Woods, Uh, I think there were a couple others, but those two stand out as birthday people today. (helieghe shice! my high school sweatheart is 58 years old? nah, impossible. us immortals don’t age? everybody around us does….)

So the photo was taken during a break. We don’t have commercials, we have 6 minute video presentations. This telethon is in support of a seniors at home programme up here. Last year and the year before the big need was for a van with a wheel chair lift to drive seniors to their doctors and stuff like that. This year they made over 40,ooo $. I thought it was amazing that they made 36,000 the first year. (this was the third) (& my third year doing it.) Cathi was there from noon until 4 pm and then had to drive to Ottawa to bring her daughter ‘home’. (weird when you have two homes?) That’s a whole nother thing and a half.